Injuries that Can Max Out Insurance Coverage


Serious injuries that lead to high costs are often found in high-speed collisions. When you’re looking at head-on crashes, high-speed rear-end collisions, and other likely fatal situations, it’s clear that there are severe injuries.

But it’s often not the injury alone that leads to the high cost. Emergency medical transport, intensive care unit treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, and even vocational rehabilitation can all rack up quite quickly. The trouble is that for many people, they feel they can’t get the rehabilitation or therapy necessary because their medical costs have maxed out their policies.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries in an accident, a local Tampa car crash lawyer can help you recover damages.

Cost of Car Accidents and Damages

Car accidents cost Americans about $230 billion each year. That accounts for the loss of life, loss of productivity in people losing time at work, injuries, and more. These figures aren’t forgiving in that it’s clear there’s a lot that happens in a car accident, and nearly every element contributes to some type of monetary loss. That figure accounts for the 1.3 million people who die in wrecks every year and the range of 20 to 50 million who are injured in crashes.

The cost of common injuries such as whiplash can range between a few hundred and up to $10,000. A broken bone may cost someone about $2,500. But many other injuries, internal trauma, head injuries, and joint trauma can be much more costly. For example, the lifetime cost of traumatic brain injury for a patient can range between $85,000 and $3 million.

Serious Brain Injuries and Head Trauma

When you’re looking at a head injury or brain injury, you should account for the time that the victim will spend in the hospital. It’s not enough to spend a few days in the intensive care unit. Instead, you’ll go from the ICU to a trauma unit, then to a rehabilitation unit, or a convalescent facility to recover. That recovery may take years, and you may never fully regain the ability to communicate, respond, move around on your own, or live without constant help.

These injuries and the cost of them don’t stop at medical coverage. Instead, they extend over to the living expenses of ongoing treatment and care they need for nurses and more. Families may go through extreme financial turmoil because they simply can’t afford to maintain all the necessary help that is vital for the victim.

For families, a brain injury or head trauma may not just max out the insurance policy. It may make daily life an ongoing struggle for people who weren’t even involved in the wreck. There are times when people or families can pursue compensation from the driver directly after their insurance maxes out, but in no-fault states like Florida, those situations are rare.

Serious Injuries that Change the Course of the Victim’s Life

Some injuries that can max out the insurance quite quickly are often life-changing injuries such as losing a limb or the functioning of specific systems or regions of the body. Someone paralyzed in an accident may have higher physical therapy costs than their expenses in surgeries or doctor-administered treatment. It’s not uncommon for some people to spend months or years in therapy as they change to adapt to their new life.

When you have this type of accident, you may have many costs that don’t fit into the accident claim. For example, your time lost at work or in vocational rehab may not be applicable because of the restrictions within Florida’s no-fault system. It can place a lot of stress on the family, and a lot of the time, the victims aren’t’ clear in how to proceed.

Should You Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Tampa?

If you have serious injuries from a car accident, you should evaluate the options available legally. Not only should you consider hiring a local auto accident attorney from Tampa, but you should think about how to proceed with your claim. PIP insurance coverage in Florida will only cover for the amount that you pay on your policy. So if you have minimum coverage, you may quickly and easily max out the $35,000 in bodily harm. However, you might have a different situation on your hands if you have a high volume of coverage.

Ultimately, PIP insurance allows many people to set up the insurance that they will believe that they need. Sometimes it’s enough, and other times it’s not. You may have options in your coverage, maximizing your compensation, or even pursuing the remaining damages from the other driver directly. To learn more about these options, you can contact our local Tampa accident law firm today.

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