Single Car Accidents Resulting in Car Insurance Claims

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Single car accidents happen pretty frequently, and they can include animals, utility poles, medians, and even just curbs. The issue is that many people don’t know what to do in this situation. Do you call your insurance company? Do you call the police? Do you contact someone to report the crash? Do you need to contact a Tampa automobile accident attorney?

These questions are really reasonable, although in the moment, you can become quickly overwhelmed. These questions in Florida are, however, made generally less complicated by the no-fault system for car claims.

PIP Insurance Coverage in Single Vehicle Accidents

Personal Injury Protection is the coverage that people get whenever they’re driving in Florida. Even when renting a car, tourists are responsible for getting the appropriate insurance. PIP will cover single-car accidents and the injuries that stem from them. In Florida, drivers not only need PIP but additional coverage to manage any property damage that stems from these insurance claims.

PIP should cover the expenses of any operation or surgery, time spent in a hospital, ongoing care such as physical therapy, and even lost wages in some cases. Florida PIP will take some careful care with an auto accident attorney in Tampa because many insurance companies will do everything possible to avoid making full payouts.

Additionally, PIP coverage often works in tandem with health insurance, where you will file a claim with your PIP first after an accident. Then if there is a remaining balance, you would go through your health insurance. So basically, if you’re hurt in a single-vehicle crash, then you can go through insurance and still get coverage for your injuries. It’s one thing that brings a lot of drivers peace of mind.

What if I was Intoxicated at the Time?

Single car accidents often involve alcohol or drugs, and what happens is the driver misjudges or loses control of the vehicle. Usually, the driver will hit a guardrail or curb when swerving and, in the worst-case scenarios, driver into a ditch, river, body of water, or utility poles. That trouble is often that the intoxication may lead to your insurance company dropping you.

Having your insurance coverage decide to end your policy because a DUI isn’t surprising, but it’s never fun. Many insurance providers will not continue coverage after a series of DUIs or accidents which happen because of intoxication.

Common Causes of Single Car Accidents

From poorly written signs to potholes, single car accidents are much more common than you might initially imagine. Animals on the road are a frequent hazard all through Florida, and they’re not the only thing that might jump out at you.

One driver shared their experience of being hit by a construction sign that got caught by a strong wind and slammed right into the side of their vehicle. These are the things that just happen, and its one of the times that it makes it really the no-fault system great. In other states, the insurance coverage would have possibly written that off as the driver’s fault, and if they didn’t have the right coverage, she wouldn’t have had any help in resolving the damage.

Single car accidents can often happen because of poor weather conditions. Florida drivers often pride themselves on being able to drive in a wide variety of weather, but the result is often a lot of overconfident drivers. That could mean that you went out into some mild rain when it suddenly turned into a flood. It’s not uncommon for a light drizzle to become a full downpour in a matter of minutes.

Should You Still Call an Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa

Most single-vehicle accidents can lead to people having extensive arguments with their insurance company over coverage. See, most insurance companies have a clause about single-car accidents, especially if they involved alcohol or some other substance. However, in Florida, the theory is that any accident is covered because it’s a no-fault state.

While it’s nice to think that anything can happen and you can still get all the coverage you need, that often not the reality. Coverage is limited, and your insurance company will likely offer you a very small settlement offer, usually not enough to cover your damages. The result is that even in single-car accidents, you will probably need to hire a Tampa accident law firm.

At Winters & Yonker Law Offices, we have a team of auto accident attorneys. They all strive to provide excellent service and representation while fighting for the cash you need to recover.

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