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What should you do after a slip and fall accident?

In Florida, it’s best to contact a professional slip and fall attorney if you have suffered a slip and fall accident anywhere in this state. The unfortunate truth is, people injured in a slip and fall accident might not know whether or not they may have a right to compensation for their injuries. As such, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced slip and fall attorney who can help determine whether or not you may be able to file a claim for your accident.

There are many important factors a slip and fall injury lawyer will look into when taking on your case. 

Including what injuries are sustained, if any and their degrees of severity as well as the effect from the fall. 

Did the fall cause trauma from internal organs or any musculoskeletal injuries? How you landed from the fall. 

Did your body’s reflexes kick in or were your reflexes absent? If your protective reflexes did not kick in, this may have been correlated to your slip and fall and may be a sign of neurological impairment. 

How did the surface you land on impact your body? The speed at which your body was moving during your fall and how your body landed from your fall often ties with the severity of your injury. 

Often the age, gender, overall health and size of the person who falls correlates with the injuries from the slip and fall.

When looking at an injury case, a seasoned personal injury attorney such as Winters & Yonker will check all the details of the event in order to make an appropriate claim.

How would you describe a slip and fall accident?

When a person is invited onto the property for a social purpose, the owner owes a duty.  In a purely social setting, the owner of the premises is liable for any concealed conditions which the owner knows about in advance.  This means that the possessor must protect his guests from any traps that he knows of on his property.  However, this standard does not apply to a supermarket patron, as they are not a social guest, they are an invitee.

This is the classic slip and fall liability case. 

When the owner holds the building open to the public for a business purpose, the owner must not only protect from artificial and natural conditions that are concealed and known to the owner, but also from any artificial or natural conditions that could have been discovered through a reasonable inspection. 

If a patron dropped a bottle of water, the owner of the premises may be expected to find and protect other patrons from that hazardous condition. 

The only exception is that the owner of premises will not be held liable for the injury of a trespasser if he makes it known to members of the public that he or she does not want them on his or her property. There are a few examples of how this could happen. If a person locks their door so as to avoid trespassers, they might not be held liable if they were to be hurt while on their property. Another example would be if someone put up warning signs like “keep out” or “private property” when it’s in fact private property and people enter anyway, the courts may rule in favor of the landowner who would not then face any kind of liability simply because the injured person was homeless or trespassing.

How much is a slip and fall accident worth?

Slip and fall accidents range in severity of the accident which in turn ranges in the settlement. The average slip and fall settlement is give or take roughly between $15,000 and $45,000. Now, it’s important to note whether your case falls within the average range, this is dependent on a variety of factors. That being said, if your injuries are relatively minor, your case may be below average. However it is always best practice to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney inTampa to ensure you are obtaining the maximum for your claim in Florida. 

How long after a slip and fall accident do you have to take action?

In the state of Florida, slip and fall cases have a statute of limitations of four years, this includes if a case falls into an extraordinary category. What this means is, the party that incurs injury has up to four years from the exact date the injury occurred to take legal action on their behalf. If you and your case qualify for an exception which is an extremely rare occurrence, the courts will more than likely dismiss your case if you miss this deadline. 

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If you have suffered an injury or have had a slip and fall accident, including as a result from a slippery floor at a restaurant or supermarket, consult an experienced slip and fall attorney in Tampa, Florida. Find a certified specialist in personal injury who knows and understands the basis of liability in Florida for your slip and fall case. 

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