How Special Damages in Personal Injury Cases in Tampa, FL, Work

special damages in personal injury

After facing an accident, a person is eligible to receive compensation for the accident that occurred due to the negligence of another person. The compensation is associated with general damages and special damages in personal injury cases in Tampa, FL. Accidents result in emotional stress, trauma, and physical pain. Accidents can bring a life-changing impact to one’s life. The general damages post-accident are the compensation claim involving emotional and physical pain and suffering. Whereas special damages involve financial losses incurred by the victim due to the accident. This may involve medical treatment, property damages, and loss of income among others.

According to estimates, in 2017, medical costs and productivity losses associated with accident-related injuries were more than $75 billion. It is essential to seek the professional assistance of a personal injury attorney who will guide you with the types of financial losses and how you can effectively claim the losses.

Medical Treatment – Special Damages in Personal Injury Cases in Tampa, FL:

The cost of medical treatment is the most significant loss included in special damages in personal injury cases in Tampa, FL. The biggest expense post-accident is the treatment and care for injuries sustained in the accident. The cost ranges up to millions of dollars based upon the injury, as in severe cases cost of the treatment may rise exponentially.

The injuries may turn the life of a person upside down. For instance, in severe accidents, a person may suffer from a disability. Imagine not being able to walk for the rest of your life. It surely runs a shiver down the spine. Emotional damages along with financial burdens are placed on the victim.

It is necessary to document every detail of the accident along with keeping the medical record and medical bills. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can pursue your case and get completely compensated for all types of medical treatment.

Immediate Treatment; A Recommendation By Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers:

Immediate Medical bills include transportation to the hospital from the scene of the accident and emergency treatment provided to the victim. Often, it is difficult to pay the expenses for the immediate treatment. Moreover, if a person does not see any visible injury he may avoid going to the hospital at all due to medical expense.

You can save medical costs by not going to the hospital. However, you may have sustained injuries that might appear after some time. For instance, internal bleeding, because in certain medical conditions the symptoms may not surface for several days or even weeks. It is a peril to avoid hospital visits as it can become life-threatening. It is necessary to undergo a complete medical examination after the accident. Also, the immediate medical treatment record is significant to prove the claim for a personal injury case.

The imaging and diagnostic tests to gauge the severity of injury are very expensive. Tests such as MRIs and CT scans may be required after an accident. You may also require prosthetics, braces, crutches, or a wheelchair for mobility which can be costly. Similarly, you might need home care and modifications in home post-accident. Unfortunately, modifications can expensive. It is possible to receive compensation for such modifications that are required due to the accident-related injury.

Medical Therapy Post-Accident:

For complete recovery, you may require therapy. There are various types of therapies according to the circumstances of each patient.

  • Occupational Therapy – helps in accomplishing work-related activities post-injury
  • Physical Therapy – helps in regaining the basic function such as walking
  • Psychological Therapy – helps with emotional healing while managing stress and trauma

Income & Property Damages:

Special Damages in Personal Injury Cases in Tampa, FL also includes loss of income and property damages due to the accident. Likely, if you have suffered from a serious injury, you may not be able to work after the accident. Hospitalization and recovery may take a long time. A compensation claim can be put forward to recover the loss of income.

Damages to the property due to the accident come under the special damages category. You may be required to replace or repair your vehicle. Damages to the property involve personal belongings such as home, clothing, electronics, vehicle, and other items in your personal use while you faced the accident. You can receive compensation for the damages to your personal belongings.

Get in Touch with A Tampa Personal Injury Attorney:

Consulting a skilled personal injury attorney helps in seeking a maximum claim for your damages while speeding up the process of filing the claim. Attorneys assist in determining the best options for the clients.

Our Tampa personal injury attorneys may not be able to save you from the negligence of another person. However, they are here to protect your rights by gathering evidence to support your claim.

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