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Hit & Run Accidents in St. Petersburg, FL

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Hit & Run Accidents in St. Petersburg, FL

If you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a hit-and-run in St. Petersburg, FL, our experienced car accident lawyers can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

At Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve earned a reputation for winning tough personal injury cases and recovering multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients. We’ll strive to do the same for you.

Contact our St. Petersburg law office and call today at (727) 314-5988. Our car accident lawyers will go over your case and provide some initial recommendations.

There’s no need to worry about not being able to afford a St. Petersburg hit-and-run accident lawyer. We offer a contingency fee basis, which means you get excellent legal representation yet pay nothing unless we’re able to secure a financial award on your behalf. 

How Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Hit-and-Run Accident in St. Petersburg

How Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Hit-and-Run Accident in St. Petersburg

After a hit-and-run accident in St. Petersburg, Florida, having the right lawyer by your side gives you the best chance for a positive outcome. A skilled St. Petersburg car accident lawyer can help ensure insurance companies don’t try to take advantage of you. 

Car accidents can have a devastating impact on your life. This is especially true with a hit-and-run accident because it means you were the victim of a crime. It’s understandable that you’re shaken and affected both physically and emotionally. That’s where the car accident lawyers at Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers come in.

With almost 120 years of collective experience in the law, our St. Petersburg car accident attorneys have the extensive knowledge to get the job done. 

When you choose us to represent you in your hit-and-run accident, we’ll get started by:

  • Investigating the accident  
  • Reviewing police reports, witness statements, and other evidence
  • Consulting top St. Petersburg experts to testify and strengthen your case
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to maximize your settlement 
  • Represent you in court if a settlement isn’t forthcoming

We believe the attorney-client relationship is important to success, so we make sure to work with you as we build your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What Is a Hit-and-Run Accident?

A hit-and-run accident means that a driver left the accident site before fulfilling the legal requirement to remain on scene, exchange information, and perform other obligations as prescribed by Florida law

Unfortunately, the state of Florida has a high rate of occurrence when it comes to hit-and-run accidents. Approximately 25% of Florida car accidents result in a driver leaving the scene of the accident.

Following an accident, drivers must exchange the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Insurance info
  • Phone number
  • Driver’s license

Collecting this information could prove beneficial to your case down the line.

What Should You Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident in St. Pete, FL?

Victims of hit-and-run accidents may not always have the presence of mind to get the license plate number of the fleeing vehicle, but there are still some steps you can take that will preserve evidence. 

Contact Law Enforcement

Call law enforcement immediately if you’re the victim of a hit-and-run accident. This will get the search for the driver started as soon as possible. 

Record Information

Take notes regarding road conditions, injuries, and contact info for witnesses. Take photos and videos of property damage, as well as your injuries.

Get Medical Treatment

Always seek medical treatment after an accident. Even if you don’t think you’ve suffered any injury, it’s important to get a record of medical attention. In some cases, injuries may not appear right away. Without any medical records, it will be more difficult to connect later injuries back to the car accident. Protect your health as well as your legal rights.

Contact a St. Petersburg Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

A hit-and-run accident lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve after what you’ve been through. You need a well-established personal injury law firm with the knowledge and resources to investigate on its own and battle with insurance giants. 

A driver who has thoughtlessly and cruelly hit you and fled the scene should be held accountable. Taking the above steps will make it more likely that the driver will be apprehended. 

A hit-and-run accident is traumatic. You’re dealing with enough right now. The last thing you should be thinking about is how to navigate the legal system. Don’t try to become a lawyer overnight when we’re ready and able to advocate for you.

You shouldn’t have to go through this alone, as there is too much at stake to experiment with the legal process. Leave all that to us. We know what we’re doing, and we’ve proven it time and again—as our successful track record shows.

Call Winters & Yonker Personal Injury Lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation. Discuss your case with our team, and let’s get you the justice and money you deserve. Our St. Petersburg hit-and-run accident attorneys are standing by.

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