Tampa Holiday Traffic and Travel

Tampa Holiday Traffic and Travel

Every year Tampa holiday traffic becomes worse and worse. Not only are people coming to visit their families, but they’re also trying to escape. More people are choosing to vacation through the holidays rather than visit family in other states that may have more harsh winters or traveling conditions.

Unfortunately, the influx of holiday travelers comes with its own set of complications. More people driving on unfamiliar roads, and possibly not covered properly by PIP insurance means numerous issues for all Tampa residents. If you get injured in an accident this holiday season, call a Tampa car accident attorney right away.

Prepare for a Major Influx of Drivers

The mass amount of people coming into the state makes it difficult for anyone to navigate. It makes the roads substantially more dangerous and congested, leading to both high and low-speed crashes.

When navigating the roads through the Christmas holiday, it’s possible for people to plan around major traffic. Knowing streets and using apps such as Waze can reduce the time you spend in stopped traffic. The best thing to keep in mind during the Christmas holiday is that it’s better to get somewhere safely than not at all. Take your time, and if you get frustrated and need a break, pull over.

During the New Year’s holiday, there is a different struggle. It’s not just an influx of drivers from other states. It’s also drunk drivers. Between 2014 and 2016, there were over 34 fatal crashes during the New Year’s holiday, and it’s believed that the number has continued to increase although recent stats aren’t yet available.

Whenever possible, avoid the roads during peak accident times, such as midnight through to 3 a.m. Finally, plan that out your travel routes clearly before leaving the house.

Meeting Family? Plan Well-Ahead for the Tampa Holiday Traffic

If you’re flying in to meet family, then you need to plan well ahead. The Tampa airport can be difficult to get into and get out of. Don’t plan on getting to the airport just in time. In fact, make sure that you have your Real ID, tickets, and everything ready to go with a few hours to spare. Not only do you have TSA to handle, but also navigating your way through a huge airport.

If you’re renting a car, be sure to add-on PIP insurance, so you have proper Florida insurance coverage. Your current out-of-state policy will likely not cover you in the event of accidents when in a no-fault state. Also, be sure to carefully follow all of the traffic directory signs within the airport. These signs are confusing, but it’s good practice before hitting the Tampa roads.

Lookout for Road Closures that Aggravate Tampa Holiday Traffic

Road closures are common when there’s Tampa holiday traffic. There are many areas of construction that simply can’t reopen for only a few days during the holidays. If you’re a Tampa local, keep an eye out on construction signs to keep tabs on what will or won’t be open through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

There are many other options that you have for navigating through Tampa while avoiding these closures without hitting major traffic congestion. The traffic congestion that infects the city through the holidays is a force to be reckoned with. There’s nothing much that you can do about the congestion, but planning around road closures is something that you can do.

Use apps or resources online to learn about the roads that will not reopen through the holidays. Keep in mind that as both holidays land in the middle of the week this year, you should not expect any weekend allowances for reopening that has been common through the weekends. Basically, if you’ve noticed certain freeways or roads opening during Friday and Saturday night, you should not plan on that being the case for Christmas or New Years.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa

Finding the right car accident attorney in Tampa is the first thing to do after a crash, regardless after the time of year. But after a holiday crash, you may have more difficult aspects of resolving a case such as out-of-state drivers or lack of a PIP policy for the other driver. It’s something difficult that can derail an otherwise normal car crash claim.

Contact the Florida injury law firm of Winters & Yonker for guidance on how to handle holiday. We know that during December and through to the New Year, it’s hard to handle a crash without feeling like your holidays are put off or put down. Reaching out to an attorney can help you understand that there isn’t much that you have to worry about just yet.

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