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Every year, a Tampa child injury lawyer gets called on cases at an alarming number. This is because children fall victim to injury resulting from a broad spectrum of causes, many of which are completely preventable if not for the negligence of an individual, a defective product, a fall, or other avoidable circumstances. If you think you have an injured child case contact a child injury lawyer today for a FREE consultation.

If the accident took place in or around Tampa, an experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer can provide the guidance you need in order to get the compensation you deserve.

We fight aggressively for the rights of injured children and their families. If your child has been injured or worse as the result of negligence, call Winters & Yonker: the aggressive Tampa child injury lawyers. We serve the needs of injured children and their families throughout the state of Florida and we work tirelessly to ensure that your child has the care, treatment, and accommodations he or she needs after an accident resulting in injury.

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Types of Injuries we may be able to help with

At Winters & Yonker, we understand that when a child is injured or killed, it can be one of the most painful experiences a family will ever endure. Our dedicated, compassionate child injury legal team has a proven track record of fighting and winning all kinds of child injury cases. Contact us today to speak with a Tampa child injury attorney if your child has been involved in any of the following:

At Winters & Yonker, we are dedicated to holding people who cause harm to children responsible for their actions. If your child has been permanently injured or has died as a result of any kind of negligence, call us. A qualified child injury attorney is waiting to speak with you today for free and advise you on how to proceed with your case.

Amusement Park Injuries

An amusement park injury can quickly turn a day of fun into a life-altering tragedy. Injuries and deaths at amusement parks are often caused by negligent or under-trained park employees, ride defects, or dangerous non-disclosed or under-disclosed conditions. Understaffing and poor maintenance can also factor in. With so many amusement and theme parks throughout Florida, these kinds of injuries are very common.

Large corporations try to cover up and hide when bad things happen to children. They are also quick to offer settlements under terms of silence or secrecy. No matter how substantial a settlement you are offered, understand this: the park is acting in its own best interest, not yours. Never agree to a settlement in any legal matter without first consulting with an attorney.

Amusement Park Injury Tampa

Whatever caused your child’s injury or death at an amusement park, our seasoned personal injury attorneys will fight aggressively to ensure that all parties responsible are held accountable and that you get the compensation you deserve, not what a corporation or insurance company thinks is fair.

Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle accidents can be caused by many things. Negligent bicycle maintenance, uneven biking trails, manufacturer defects in bicycles, and motor vehicle operator negligence are all common contributors. Bicycle accident injuries can also be exacerbated by defects in safety equipment like helmets and knee pads.

Your Tampa child injury lawyer at Winters & Yonker has extensive experience with every manner of bicycle accidents, including those which result in serious injury or death. We do everything in our power to collect a fair settlement or judgment and bring justice to you for the pain and suffering your child has endured.

Car Seat Injuries

Car seats provide a reasonable measure of protection for children in the event of a car accident or crash. Still, car seats are often recalled for various defects that are found to actually threaten the safety of the child. If your child’s car accident injuries have been worsened as the result of a defective in-car safety device, the manufacturer as well as others may be liable for the injury or death that resulted from the defect.

Our child injury lawyers understand Florida law as well as the issues that are unique to car seat accident cases, and they use that expertise to obtain compensation which meets your child’s need after the accident and for as long as it takes to recover from or accommodate the effects of the injury.

Brian Injuries

Brain injuries can be sustained during childbirth, as the result of negligent medical care, or any number of other circumstances. They can also occur as a result of falls, loss of oxygen to the brain (as in non-fatal drowning episodes), playground and amusement park accidents, car accidents, and a host of others. Deliberate blows to the head or shaking can lead to a concussion or other brain injury as well.

Dog Bites

Any dog can bite, even those that seem friendly on the surface. Dog bite injuries can cause permanent disfigurement and even death to children. Our experienced Tampa dog bite attorneys can handle any dog bite case and can often win substantial settlements, depending on the severity and permanency of the injury.

Crib Injuries and Death

Crib injury and death can be the result of negligent caregivers as well as defects in cribs, bassinets, and playpens. Our child injury lawyer team knows the law as it relates to negligence and product liability. We do everything in our power to ensure that caregivers and manufacturers are held liable when injury or death befalls your child due to their negligence.

Daycare Injuries by Negligence

Daycare businesses and the people they employ are required to exercise reasonable care to keep children safe and supervised while under their care. When daycare workers are negligent in the supervision of your child, the employee(s) along with the business itself could be held liable if injury or death occurs due to some preventable means.

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Drowning Incidents

Drowning injuries can be both fatal and non-fatal. Those that do not result in death often leave the child permanently brain-damaged as the result of a lack of oxygen to the brain for a prolonged period. Owners of properties with pools who encourage and allow children to use them could be held liable in a drowning injury or death should they be found negligent.

Playground Accidents

Playground injuries are most often the result of negligent playground maintenance, faulty equipment, or unsafe grounds. Regardless of its cause, you need a lawyer to sort through the details, investigate the facts thoroughly, and form a strong case of negligence.

Playground Accidents Tampa

School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents have many causes including driver negligence, the negligence of other motorists, and vehicle maintenance issues. Any of these individuals, along with the bus company or school district, could be held liable for your child’s injury, depending on the circumstance. School bus driver negligence is often the cause, but we perform a thorough examination of the details. Whatever that cause may be, we will uncover the truth.

Toy-Related Injuries

Some of the saddest cases of child injury or death we see are those that result from the use of a child’s own toys. Despite the ever-tightening federal regulations imposed on toy manufacturers, toys that pose a serious danger to a child’s well-being often reach the market long before the dangerous or deadly defect is discovered. At Winters & Yonker, we are determined to hold negligent toy manufacturers accountable when their products injure or kill children.

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We handle all kinds of injury cases, but the law limits the amount of time you have to file a claim in most personal injury cases so don’t hesitate to give us a call. If your child has been injured through no fault of his or her own by the negligence of another, contact a child injury lawyer today. The call and consultation are FREE and you don’t pay unless we collect.

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