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The immediate and long-term consequences of electric shock accidents can be devastating. Electrical burns can leave lasting nerve damage and even brain damage. Electrocutions at construction sites, in water, on ladders, and in homes suddenly leave families without a loved one.

Although electrocutions may be deemed freak accidents, they are often attributable to negligence. A Tampa electrocution injury lawyer can help the victims of these terrible accidents deserve compensation for the harm they have suffered.

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Legal Advice for Electrocution or Electrical Burn Injuries

At Winters & Yonker, P.A., an electrocution accident attorney will aggressively explore your legal options after electrocution or a serious electrical burn injury. We have built our reputation on doggedly pursuing the best for our clients. If you have lost a loved one in an electrocution accident, we can fight for you

In an electrocution case, as in any personal injury case, we work every angle to demonstrate negligence and get the compensation victims to deserve. We will:

  • Investigate the circumstances behind the accident
  • Work to find all available sources of compensation
  • Seek medical opinion as to the nature and degree of pain and suffering that the victim experienced
  • Evaluate the financial impact on the family, including medical bills, funeral expenses and loss of income
  • Evaluate the intangible loss of companionship that leaves a family changed forever
  • Help family members handle practical details such as finding a trustworthy probate and estate administration lawyer if necessary

Contact a Tampa Electrocution Injury Lawyer!

When someone else’s negligence is to blame in an electrocution case, we do everything we can to bring about financial and legal justice for the family. A wrongful death claim will not restore your loved one, but it brings some level of closure and provides needed resources to move forward. Our goal is to get you full compensation and help your family through a terrible situation.
We have attorneys with a wide variety of experiences. If you need a retirement community lawyer for a community lawsuit, contact us, if you have lost a loved one in an electrocution accident, contact a skilled personal injury lawyer at Winters & Yonker to speak with an electrocution injury lawyer for wrongful death in the city of Tampa, FL claims online or call (813) 223-6200 today to schedule a no-risk consultation.

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