Tampa Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

You need an aggressive Tampa golf cart accident lawyer to protect your rights after a golf cart accident, more specifically, you need a Tampa golf cart accident lawyer. You probably never put much thought into golf cart safety before your accident. Golf carts are vaguely comical, as is the idea of suffering a serious injury because of one – that is until you are on the wrong end of a golf cart collision. If you were struck by a golf cart or otherwise injured in a golf cart accident, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. At Winters & Yonker, P.A., our Tamp auto accident lawyers have the experience and dedication to help you win your case.

Many people don’t appreciate just how dangerous golf carts are until it’s too late. Some golf carts can travel up to 40 mph. They only rarely have seat belts. Children as young as 14 are allowed to operate golf carts without any training. People often drive golf carts in situations where they would never consider driving a car. Golf carts cause thousands of injuries, and even fatalities, every year. Many of those accidents occur in the state of Florida, where the number of gated communities, retirement communities, resorts, and golf courses make golf carts a common sight.


As with many personal injury accidents, golf cart crashes are frequently the result of carelessness or negligence. Whether the driver was not paying attention, was drunk or was simply unfit to operate the golf cart safely, that negligence is the cause of your suffering. To get the compensation you deserve, you need to demonstrate that negligence and the damage done to you. Your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering entitle you to compensation from the responsible parties.

The difference between gaining full compensation and accepting less than you deserve can be dramatic. Your physical recovery may depend on the treatment that your insurance won’t cover. Full compensation opens your options for medical care. By obtaining maximum compensation for you, we can help you maximize your physical recovery. That is why we are proud to call ourselves “Aggressive Attorneys.” We know what’s at stake for you.

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