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If you or a loved one has been involved in a Tampa rollover accident that was the result of somebody else’s negligence, you could be eligible to receive compensation for damages beyond the scope of insurance providers with the assistance of auto accident attorneys at Winters & Yonker. Experienced accident lawyers work hard to fight for your right to compensation.
A rollover accident happens when a motorcycle or vehicle is made to leave the roadway or lane and turns over on its roof, hood, or side. The fatality rate is higher in rollover accidents compared to other types of auto accidents.
Rollover accidents usually result in tragic and traumatic injuries – not only due to the vehicle and its passengers being upended but also due to the fact that loose objects in the vehicle can become projectiles that may endanger the occupants. Injuries tend to be extensive and recovery is usually costly and difficult.

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What Causes the Flipping Over of Automobiles?

Rollover accidents usually occur when SUVs or trucks come into contact with smaller vehicles that either become wedged underneath the wheels of the larger vehicles or it makes them lose contact with the road. They may also happen on uneven road surfaces where one side of the vehicle is higher than the other and an accident happens that wouldn’t normally make the vehicle to overturn.
Trucks and SUVs might be most susceptible to rollover accidents, but the reality is that they can happen to vehicles of all types. Other common types of vehicle rollover accidents include:

  • Road hazards
  • Tire blowout or failure
  • Speeding
  • Multi-vehicle accidents
  • A higher center of gravity (especially SUVs, minivans, and large pickup trucks)
  • Alcohol impairment
  • Tripping (if a vehicle’s tires come into contact with something such as a curb, large rock, bump, or soft shoulder that interrupts the vehicle’s motion thus making it pitch either sideways or forwards into a roll).

What Injuries Are Most Common in Rollover Accidents?

People involved in rollover accidents sustain injuries not only from the collision itself but also from the series of collisions that occur while the vehicle is rolling. They can also be hit by items in the vehicle or even broken glass among various other hazards.
Some of the most common injuries that occur in a rollover accident include:

  • Soft-tissue damage
  • Broken bones
  • Back and neck injuries (whiplash)
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Chest injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Rollover Accident Statistics

Rollover accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries as well as fatalities than other types of accidents. The number of fatal passenger car rollover accidents has been on the decline in recent years, but the number of deadly light truck rollover accidents is on the rise, especially among vans and SUVs.
Here are additional statistics about this type of car crashes that could surprise you:

  • Almost 75 percent of fatal accidents happen in rural areas.
  • 95 percent of single-vehicle rollovers are tripped.
  • Nearly 85 percent of all rollover-related accidents are the result of single-vehicle accidents.
  • Nearly 50 percent of all rollover accidents that lead to fatalities involve alcohol.
  • Over 7,600 people died in rollover accidents in 2010 alone. The vast majority (69 percent) weren’t wearing safety belts.
  • Of the close to 9.1 million SUV, passenger car, van, pickup, and SUV accidents in 2010, just 2.1 percent involved rollovers. Rollovers, however, accounted for about 35 percent of all deaths from passenger vehicle accidents.
  • About 40 percent of fatal rollover accidents involved excessive speeding. In addition, close to 75 percent of fatal rollovers happened in areas where the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour or higher on average.

How Can You Prevent Rollover Accidents?

It is always advisable to keep a few loose objects in the cabin of your car as possible. In any accident, items inside the vehicle can quickly turn into projectiles that cause serious harm. However, the risk of this happening is considerably higher in rollover accidents.
The best way to avoid getting into a rollover accident is to approach intersections carefully and ensuring that there isn’t any vehicle coming out that may potentially make an impact thereby causing your vehicle to leaving the roadway. It is also advisable to avoid driving when you have been drinking or when feeling drowsy.
The popular trend currently is for drivers to modify their vehicles such that they are either very low or very high. High-profile vehicles are far more likely to roll over in case of an accident. On the flip side, a low-profile vehicle is also likely to change the impact point and can cause other vehicles to roll over in case of an accident.
The state of Florida has set forth certain requirements for the distance that both ground lights and bumpers ought to be from the road. Such standards have been provided to reduce the chances of rollover accidents and have to be obeyed.

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Winters & Yonker has a team of skilled Tampa rollover attorneys that have the experience and knowledge to identify the appropriate traffic pattern cameras in Tampa and will work hard to obtain footage that might be used to show the exact cause of the accident that injured their client. If traffic cameras are not available, there could be security camera footage from businesses nearby that might have recorded the incident.
A person that’s injured in a rollover accident should whenever possible take as many photos of the scene as possible and attempt to identify any possible witnesses that might have seen the accident happen. In some instances, a witness can take photos should the accident victim be unable to. We may even try looking for any surveillance footage that was captured at the scene of the accident to use as evidence.
Our rollover accident attorneys in Tampa may even seek witness testimony and work with law enforcement officers that have been trained in the assessment of accident scenes as well as understanding the dynamics of a vehicle accident. Don’t hesitate since time could be running out to build your case.
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