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After a car accident, you should focus on healing after sustaining injuries and recovering your losses, which means put plans in motion to ensure that you file a car accident claim within the stipulated time. But how will you ensure that you recoup what you lost and what next if you lost a loved one in the incident? The legal requirements of preparing the lawsuit and have to face those responsible and their defense team can quickly prove overwhelming. That is why we at Winters and Yonker are your best bet if you want to ensure justice is served and are duly compensated for your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering attributed to the automobile accident.

Our Tarpon Springs car accident lawyers will listen and evaluate your case then guide you on what to do to protect your rights and interests. Call our law office today at (888) 373-7770 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help. Our personal injury lawyers offer our services on a contingency fee basis so that you do not have to worry about money to pay us but instead focus on getting better as we handle the legal side of things on your behalf.

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How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

People tend not to consider hiring lawyers until they feel confident about their chances of winning or if they are pushed into a corner, and enlisting the services of such a professional is inevitable. They do this because they fear or assume attorneys charge exorbitant fees for their services. But they also do not appreciate the significance of working with an experienced lawyer.

Winters and Yonker is a law firm founded on offering legal representation and related services to different people. Money is never the overall object; ours is a matter of ensuring justice is served. Therefore, you need not worry much about our service rates when you come to us to help you with your car accident lawsuit. We can handle your case on a contingency fee basis. As such, you will pay us after we help you win and get the maximum compensation.

Your attorney will help you understand what our contingency fee agreement entails. We will deduct an agreed percentage from the money you will be awarded as compensation; thus, you need not feel financially burdened when pursuing the lawsuit against those responsible for the accident. Moreover, you will not pay anything if we do not help you win the claim.

While an hourly rate or flat rate service may be ideal in some situations, a contingency fee agreement is the best option if you consider your current predicament coupled with the guarantee of such a contract.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

We highly advise you to consider doing the following if you are involved in a car accident in Tarpon Springs. They are measures that will protect your chances of winning your claim case and that those responsible are held accountable.

Contact Police

Alert the police, informing them of the accident and where it has happened. Informing them is a legally required act and one that will play a crucial role in protecting your interests. The police will assess the incident, collect statements from witnesses and compile a report that could be used as evidence in your case.

Check on Other Involved Parties

If you are confident that you are unharmed after the accident, you should check on the others involved in the incident. Offer first aid to the few you can; it might help save lives. Also, ensure that all who are party to the accident do not leave before the police arrive. Call for medical help as you assist those you can to go to safety.

Schedule a free consultation with our Tarpon Springs car accident lawyers today.

Exchange Info

Talk to all involved in the collision and ask them to share their names, home addresses, and email and phone numbers. That means exchange this information with the party and fault and possible witnesses.

Record the Scene

Document the accident using your smartphone to take pictures and videos of the scene. Ensure that you capture clear images, focusing on crucial elements that will help prove liability and win your claim.

Never Admit Fault

Exercise caution when talking with people, especially those involved in a car accident. You might say something that might be used against you to shift blame to you and discredit your claim. If you must answer any questions, say that you reserve the right to speak when your lawyer is present.

Seek Medical Attention

Never downplay the need to go for a physical checkup after a road accident. You should do this even if you believe you walked out of the incident unscathed or sustained minor injuries. You never know if what you assumed to be a minor issue could become a life-threatening health condition. Remember to keep the medical reports and treatment expenses safe because they will be used as evidence in your claim.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer

The complexities associated with automobile accident claims demand a robust litigation strategy that will help you win. It is the objective that your Tarpon Springs, FL, car accident lawyer will have in mind and shall strive for from the start. Your chances of winning are also pegged on informing your attorney of the road accident soon after it happens so that the necessary legal process that will protect your rights and interests are set in motion.

When Should I Get A Lawyer For My Auto Accident?

Ideally, the best move is to contact your attorney on the day of the accident or a few days after. Nevertheless, circumstances might cause you to find a lawyer a week or two later, but the sooner you do this, the better. Contacting a reputable and experienced car accident lawyer is the best bet if you want to secure your chances of getting full compensation and ensuring those responsible for your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering are held accountable.

Why Should I Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

The chances of losing your case and the possible compensation are higher when you decide to handle the matter yourself. Opting to work with an experienced attorney has its benefits, which include:

Case Preparation / Filing a Lawsuit

The team assigned to your case will investigate your claims to determine if it is worth pursuing and the best approach that guarantees success. While your vehicle might appear fine, or you might not have any significant pain, that should not be a reason to overlook the need to hire an attorney. You should seek the expertise of a law professional with years of knowledge of preparing automobile accident lawsuits and ensure they file the claim on time.

Settlement Negotiation

If you believe that the insurance companies will play fair, you are in for a rude surprise. They are in the business of making profits and will do what they can to discredit your claim or limit the potential settlement. You should not be roped into holding negotiations without your lawyer present. It would help if you had a seasoned legal representative to detect and counter their sly tactics during negotiations.

Trial Preparation And Representation

The lawyer and team of experts handling your case will be ready to take your claim case to court if the negotiations with the insurers bear no favorable results. They will also help you prepare for trial and dedicate their time and expertise to ensure you get the best representation and your rights are upheld even as you are awarded the maximum compensation.

How Much Can I Expect To Receive For My Damages?

Your Tarpon Springs, FL, car accident attorney will consider various factors that will help determine what your case is worth. They will review the nature of your injuries if you sustained permanent disabilities that keep you from resuming work, if there were fatalities, and if your vehicle was written-off after the collision, among other things.

A man with a neck injury after a car accident.

We have learned through experience that every case is unique, having varied circumstances. As such, no court verdict or negotiated settlement will be the same. However, you will have a better idea of your case’s value and what to expect if you work with an experienced lawyer specializing in automobile collisions in Florida.

What Type Of Damages Can I Recover Through A Tarpon Springs Car Accident Claim?

When pursuing compensation, your lawyer will present to the judge and jury the evidence needed to ensure that we validate then need to ask for the following damages:


That covers tangible losses, which tend to be supported by documented facts and have a monetary value. They include vehicle repair or replacement, treatment and recovery expenses, lost wages, funeral and burial costs for a loved one killed in the car accident.


That covers subjective losses with no direct monetary value but having a significant impact on your life. They include physical and emotional distress, loss of consortium, and disfigurement attributed to the injuries sustained in the car accident.


Your attorney will pursue punitive damages if it is evident that the defendant’s actions were grossly indifferent; thus, asking the court to exert additional punishment.

How Is An Automobile Accident Liability Determined In The State Of Florida?

To prove that the driver responsible for the car accident acted recklessly, negligently, or deliberately, your lawyer will focus on justifying the following:

  • Duty of care: The driver owed you a duty of care as stipulated under Florida Traffic laws.
  • Breach of duty: The driver breached the said duty of care, putting you and other road users at risk.
  • Cause in Fact: The driver’s actions are directly responsible for your injuries and property damage (vehicle), which might have been avoided if the driver has been cautious when behind the wheel.
  • Proximate Cause: Your injuries should have been foreseeable thus, avoidable if safety measures were observed.

Proving these four elements paves the way for you to make a negligence claim. However, the bigger issue will be demonstrating the defendant’s degree of fault for the accident, and your lawyer will be up to the task.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim?

According to Florida State laws, you have a four-year period to file a personal injury claim. That means you have four years from the date of the car accident to file your case in a civil court. Failure to do this within the stipulated time window will mean you forfeit your right to pursue compensation in the future.

However, the statute of limitation is subject to change based on different circumstances, such as suing a governmental office or institution. Your lawyer will advise you on what you must do when preparing the lawsuit and ensure your compensation case is filed on time.

Get A Free Consultation With Our Tarpon Springs Car Accident Lawyers

At Winters and Yonker, you will find reputable and experienced law experts that are dedicated and committed to representing all that hire us. If you need the best legal services for your car accident in Tarpon Springs, Florida, we are here for you. Call our injury firm today at (888) 373-7770 and schedule a free consultation. Our car accident lawyer will help determine fault and ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries, property damage, and other losses.

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