Joyce Augustyn

They are an absolutely amazing law firm. I would highly recommend using them. Patrick and Shayla went above and beyond what they had to. They made something good out of what was supposed to be bad. The customer’s service was amazing. They returned my phone calls even when I was a little pest. The settlement amount was more then I expected. I will definitely use them in the future if I need to and highly would recommend them. Especially Patrick and Shayla.

Dianne Culpepper

Thanks to the whole crew for having patience with me & working so well with me. I appreciate it. Big shout out to you Lauren, wonderful job!

Christina D

Since day one they have had my back and my best interest in mind. My entire team was there through it all and gave me direct numbers to call any time! My attorney answered my questions on long weekends, after office hours and holidays! They take care of you and will be upfront. Best decision to choose them. My family and friends know to only use Winters & Yonker.

Victoria Goodson

Love The Fact That LAWYER Came To My Home & Follow Up In Phoning & Keeping Me Informed.

Robert Lieberman

I just finished business with Scott Seplowe and Vanessa, the most thoroughly knowledgeable attorney I have ever done any business with. This was an auto accident. He told the truth and served wherever he could and thereby maximized our results and made justice prevail. Dr. Robert Lieberman

Tiffany Naegele

They are very professional and communicative. They made sure I had great doctors treating me and every time I needed to get in touch with them they got back to me immediately or taking calls while they were on lunch. They definitely made me feel like I was their top priority. I would recommend this law firm to anybody and my case was settled in less than a year.

Quent Wills

The best experience I ever had from any law firm, Winters and Yonker is a team of very professional, hard-working, honest and timely organization I really give a SPECIAL thanks to Scot and Vanessa without you two a lot of things wouldn’t have been possible thanks for taking the time to handle my case, and Vanessa I appreciate all the extra energy you put in beyond measure I consider you as my family I love you all and thanks again

Dave Florian

“I would like to thank Atty. Scot Seplowe for how he treated my mother.
My mother was treated with compassion and kindness from the first meeting with Atty. Seplowe. She can’t thank him enough for what he did for her. Her settlement was more than she had anticipated. I highly recommend this law firm.
Thank you very much for your help.”

Gaetano Russo Jr

“I wish I could express in words just how fantastic, wonderful and impressive the Winters & Yonkers Law firm really is. My attorney Trevor C. Is the most down to earth fantastic attorney I’ve ever met. From day one when I met him all the way to the end, he kept me very informed of everything that was going on and guided me through every step I needed to take. The knowledge and the professionalism that the complete law firm shows are above every standard. This is not the first time I’ve had to retain legal counseling for a very severe car accident neither accident my fault, the first accident in 2015 I used a different law firm, and they did a good job. But this time I went with the law firm of Winters and Yonker’s they did a fantastic job and got me a settlement four times larger than my other accident. All I can say is Trevor took personal ownership of this case and not only did he guide me through every step of the way, he made sure I had the best medical care and rehabilitation that is possible. All I can say is if you need a lawyer that is really going to work hard on your case care about you and make sure all your needs are met you need to talk to the Winters & Yonkers law firm.

Diana Dato

Marc & Kara fought hard to get me the maximum recovery! If you want a personal touch and attention to detail, hire Winters and Yonker!

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