Tips for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

Motorist following motorcycle safety by using a helmet

Motorcyclists love being able to cruise out over the open road and participate in social “runs.” But what happens when a good time goes wrong? If you were riding and were hit, either by another motorcyclist or vehicle, you need a Lakeland motorcycle accident attorney. Motorcyclists don’t have the protection that’s available to standard vehicle drivers, but they have an equal risk of an accident so it is good to follow motorcycle safety. After a crash, you start to look back in retrospect. What could you have done to avoid a crash? It’s not likely that you were at fault at all, but everyone could drive a little more safely and with a little more awareness.

Tips for Riders

The most common bit of advice is to wear a helmet. So, we’re going to gloss right over that one. Our first tip for riders is to become more comfortable riding. This situation shows the stark difference between driving a car and riding a motorcycle.

As you become more comfortable driving a car, you become more complacent. Whereas when you become more comfortable riding a motorcycle, you can respond to changing road conditions and other drivers more quickly. Motorcycles are all made differently, and if you recently started riding or recently upgraded your bike, it’s likely that you’re not entirely friendly with it. Go riding often and in different traffic conditions.

Next, check your bike. That means before every ride. Where car drivers usually leave checking their lights for their regular oil change appointment, you need to know that everything is in good working order now. Before heading out:

  • Check your tires
  • Check your hand and footbrake
  • Take a look at your fluid levels

Finally, ride defensively. Many motorcyclists will happily whiz through traffic, but they do so knowing that they have enough room and are staying out of driver’s blind spots. Always give yourself enough room to course-correct if something should happen.

Tips for Vehicle Drivers

Always know your blind spots. Many motorcycle accidents happen because a rider was in a car’s blind spot and didn’t know it. They haven’t been in your car, and they can’t be certain of where your blind spots are so you must check them often.

Another helpful tip for vehicle drivers is to slow down when you have a bike in front of you. Many drivers will see a bike in front of them as an irritation. They can ride the line, so why take up space in the lane? The thing is, it’s not always comfortable for a bike rider to ride between lanes. New riders especially prefer to stay within lanes for comfort.

Finally, always use your turn signals. Give any nearby motorcyclist and other drivers to a fair chance to know your intent. If you’ll be turning left that turn signal could save a life. You might otherwise have not noticed a rider in your blind spot but thanks to a turn signal they were able to get out of the way.

Personal Injury Attorney in Florida Provides Insight

Many vehicle drivers believe that it’s on motorcyclists to understand the risk they take when riding. However, that’s a poor way of viewing the situation. Whenever you get in a car, or on a bike, you are taking a risk. The difference is that in a vehicle, you have a metal structure protecting you and your passengers.

Motorcyclists are not solely responsible for any crash involving a bike. Drivers and rider both share responsibility for protecting themselves and driving in a way that is safe for everyone else on the road.

If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash, you might believe that it’s not worth getting a lawyer. That’s far from true. With Florida’s no-fault laws, you may need help to pursue damages that your insurance won’t cover.

Finding A Personal Injury Attorney in Lakeland, FL

A personal injury lawyer in Lakeland, FL, can help you through motorcycle accidents as well as car accidents. Although they seem to come in the same vein of personal injury, it’s clear that there are many differences between driving a bike and driving a car.

After you are hurt, contact a Lakeland, personal injury attorney. The law offices of Winters and Yonker are available to help those who need legal representation and are recovering from injuries. We understand that you followed the rules of the road and drove safely, only to still end up hurt.

Don’t allow one accident to keep you off your bike. Have an attorney fight for the compensation that you deserve and get you back up and riding again. Call our Lakeland injury law firm to speak with a skilled attorney now.

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