Different Kinds of Tort Claims in Tampa, FL

Tort claims in tampa

The number of accidents and car crashes has increased significantly in recent years. With the increased number of accidents, the number of claims has also risen. More and more people want to pursue the matter in court to get a fair trial. Amongst all the different types of claims, tort claims in Tampa, FL, have become more common.

Tort claims in Tampa, FL focus on injuries caused due to civil violations. When a person experiences harm due to someone else’s reckless actions, they have the right to demand compensation. Any loss, injury, suffering, or trauma will be compensated if it falls under the category of a tort claim.

Let’s say someone fires a bullet that accidentally shoots a person nearby. The action violates civil law and harms a person physically, so it’s possible to press charges. The accused has to pay for everything from medical bills to doctor’s consultation fees. Tort claims in Tampa, FL could focus on this.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) states that more than 100,000 crashes took place this year. Amongst them, a majority fell under the category of tort claims. A person’s negligence can cause many to suffer. That is why the state of Florida applies rules which benefit the victims. Through tort claims in Tampa, an individual can receive economic and non-economic damages.

Various Types of Tort Claims in Tampa, FL:

Tort claims can be for different reasons. A few common ones are as stated below:

  • Car crashes
  • Slip and fall
  • Neglect in a nursing home
  • Unjust death
  • Defamation or negative rumors
  • Medical malpractice
  • Emotional suffering
  • Cheated in exchange for goods

These are just a few of the many reasons a person can file a tort claim. The primary reason for creating this claim was to facilitate people in need. Injured people lose their physical health and have to go through a lot of mental trauma. Some even face financial crises in terms of lost wages, medical bills, repair costs, and much more. Along with these claims, there are three more that are business, intentional and incidental tort claims.

1. Business Torts:

Breach of contract is also a part of these tort claims. It’s ethically wrong, and the law makes sure that the ones committing this wrongdoing receive appropriate punishment. Sometimes the court decides to punish by asking the accused to pay a certain amount, and in some cases, the punishment can be even more severe.

For this category of claim, business law attorneys come in handy. They know this area and can represent their client without any issues. The following reasons are more than enough to file a business tort claim.

  • Fraud in business
  • Misrepresented facts and figures
  • Hindrance in business activities
  • Theft/spying
  • Secrets trading
  • Industrial level defamation
  • Bounce cheque’s
  • Competing on unfair means

2. Incidental Torts:

This kind of claim is related to reckless or careless behavior. In many instances, drivers show negligence, such as talking on the phone or looking sideways, causing accidents. These accidents are not intentional but do cause harm to innocent individuals.

Due to incidental torts, the party at fault will be required to pay up for the damages. However, to win the claim of an incidental tort, the victim needs to prove the other side’s fault. No one asks a party to pay without establishing fault.

3. Intentional Torts:

A case where the accused has deliberately caused harm to another person is called an intentional tort claim. In other words, the accused commits a criminal act to cause harm. Thus, these cases are treated differently from incidental tort claims. Moreover, compensation is not guaranteed in this category because the main aim is to bring the criminal to justice, not the rehabilitation of the victim.

Why Is Hiring a Tampa Injury Attorney Necessary?

Fighting a tort claim isn’t easy, but your attorney can make it simpler. With the help of a good lawyer, fighting and winning a claim doesn’t remain a problem. Every personal injury case differs from the other, making it unique. Things may seem similar but can have many very different outcomes. That is why hiring an attorney is a must. Personal injury lawyers have experience and understanding. They can gather evidence and increase the chances of winning.

Hire the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa:

Winter and Yonkers offer you the best personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL. Our seasoned professionals have fought dozens of personal injury claims. For them winning a tort claim is nothing different.

We do everything for you, from attending court sessions to guiding you regarding the compensation amount. Contact us today and discuss your claim with our experienced team of legal professionals.

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