How to Get a Traffic Accident Police Report in Tampa, FL

traffic accident police report

With the rise in the number of vehicles on the road, there has been an evident rise in the number of road accidents as well. For the residents of Tampa, Florida, this means that you need to know how to file a traffic accident police report in Tampa. Because of the growing use of both personal and commercial vehicles around the city, road accidents and those who face loss because of them need the help of experienced attorneys to minimize the damage an accident can cause.

According to official data from the FLHSMV, there were over 330,000 road accidents across the state in 2020, killing 3,106 people. A rising number of pedestrians and bicyclists were also affected. A car accident lawyer in Tampa can help you recover just compensation by negotiating a settlement deal or representing you in court.

Why Do You Need a Traffic Accident Police Report in Tampa, FL?

According to state laws in Florida, the Tampa police department is authorized to produce accident reports that provide details of the cause and consequences of road accidents, which include both personal and commercial cars and trucks. Some of the complaints registered with the Police Department rise from accidents caused by drunk driving, driving under the influence of intoxicating substances, underage driving, over-speeding, or technical faults in either the cars or the road it is caused on.

As such, these accidents can bring harm to individuals and groups alike. Where an extreme accident can result in the loss of life and damage to property, it may also cause emotional suffering and time spent recovering from the mental harm caused by such traumatizing events. A road accident can also result in extravagant hospital and healthcare bills, and other financial losses when paying for car repairs, insurance, and other damages. A traffic accident police report in Tampa includes all such details to help lawmakers and courts in deciding who was at fault so that justice can be provided.

An auto accident attorney in Tampa can take care of all legal matters and work with the Tampa Police Department to protect your interests, and make sure that you are compensated fairly for any financial or other losses faced as a result of an accident.

How Do You Get a Police Report After a Tampa Auto Accident?

An auto accident attorney can use their experience in managing the legal side of your accident, and help determine who is at fault and what damages must be compensated by them. In working with the Tampa police department, your attorney is responsible for obtaining car accident police reports, reviewing the findings of the police and investigation officers, as well as any witnesses and evidence, and defend your rights before a body of the law.

The police report that attorneys work with can take between one to two weeks, depending upon the seriousness of the crime. As such, you and your attorney can avail reports either in person at police offices, through the attorney themselves, or through the online platform set up by the Tampa Police Department. The procedures for obtaining this report is as follows:

  • In-Person Tampa Auto Accident Reports:

Based on the severity of injuries and damages, you may be asked to visit the police station to record your personal statement and give details for the auto accident report, under the supervision of a police officer and in the presence of your auto accident lawyer. A TPD 503 form and identification are needed for which your local police may call you.

  • Tampa Auto Accident Reports via an Attorney:

Your attorney may also be authorized to obtain a report with the Tampa Police Department on your behalf. Your family members or insurance representative may also be granted access to such reports, which are often drafted in person in the case of severe injury, extreme damage to property or vehicles, or loss of life.

  • Online Digital Reports:

The Tampa Police Department now allows access to auto accident reports through their online platform, on their official Tampa government website.

Our Attorneys Can Help with Your Traffic Accident Police Report in Tampa:

For assistance in following up with your auto accident case, and to ensure that your loss does not go without compensation, contact Winters and Yonker for the best Tampa auto accident lawyers. With extensive experience in handling personal injury cases and a free consultation, we ensure that your rights are fully protected.

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