Out of State Auto Accidents

Driver calling for help after an out of state car accident

You should be having a good time, maybe visiting a few resorts or family members and then you have a car accident. There are many questions that crop up for travelers that have a car accident in Tampa. Don’t worry. An auto accident attorney in Tampa with Winters and Yonker will help you even if you got into an out of state car accident.

Getting advice is hard for travelers, but the very first thing you should do after the immediate aftermath is to contact a local attorney. If you’re from out of the area or out of state, you don’t want to shuffle back and further just to resolve a car accident claim.

Do What You Normally Would Do

After an accident, you need to pursue medical attention. That can also be confusing when you’re out of state. Your best bet is to go to an emergency room or an urgent care clinic. You may also want to contact your health insurance to see if there is a center nearby you that will process your insurance, for now, so you’re not stuck with paying out-of-pocket expenses.

Additionally, you will want to take as many pictures at the scene and of your injuries as possible. When you are the victim of an auto wreck but are also out of state, it’s very easy for the other driver to make it seem like you caused the accident. It’s also easy to become confused with the differences between state laws and handling “fault.” Whenever you’re in doubt, contact a Tampa car accident lawyer.

After you’ve received medical attention and gathered the basic data that you need after a car crash, you’ll want to contact your insurance policy. The question then is, which policy? You may have been drying a rental car, which often requires you to take on a temporary insurance policy to protect you and the vehicle.

Contact the Correct Policy

Any car accident in attorney in Florida should be able to help you resolve issues with a rental car. However, you may need help in identifying which insurance company you need to contact. In Florida, it is standard for drivers to carry a PIP or Personal Injury Protection. Most other states don’t require this, and if you’re from out of state, it may leave you with a lot of questions about the resolution of your case.

Having an attorney help, you understand this aspect is critical. Now, if you were driving a rental car, it’s likely that your rental insurance does include PIP because of the state laws. If at all possible, don’t mention to the other driver that you are in a rental. Although they will know that you’re from out of state because of your driver’s license information, the situation doesn’t need to be made worse.

Often when you let other people know that you’re in a rental, they see it as an opportunity to go after the rental company’s insurance. The other driver knowing that can make the entire process much more difficult.

Ask Your Insurance for a Rental

Although you may have insurance on your rental, you’ll still need to contact your private insurance. When you reach out to your insurance company, have a few requests prepared. First, explain that you were in a rental, or in an accident out of a state. Then ask them for a rental car. Second, if you were driving your own vehicle, you need to request that they expedite your repairs.

Finally, if you were in your own vehicle and it was totaled or is not repairable, you need to request a rental that will get you back home. The mileage on that may seem intense. However, you pay into your insurance every month. If you have full coverage or comprehensive coverage, it’s not an outrageous request.

Call a personal injury attorney in Tampa if your insurance company is already giving you trouble. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall prey to the belief that their insurance company is looking out for their best interest. That’s hardly the case. In fact, you need someone to protect you from your insurance company.

If there are times when your insurance provider treats you unfairly, then you may need to move forward with a complaint against them as well as a case for your injury recovery.

Call an Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa

The law offices of Winters and Yonker help the victims of car accidents resolve their cases while pursuing full compensation. That includes helping people who were traveling through Tampa at the time and didn’t necessarily live in Tampa.

When you’re ready to sort out your vehicle accident, contact our exceptional Tampa injury law firm.

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