Understanding the Full Scope of Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

Understanding personal injury law is a little complex because it covers so much ground. The most common cases include car accident injuries and slip and fall accidents. But these things can happen to anybody. If you think you need help from a personal injury law firm in Tampa, FL, it’s best to start with a consultation. What most attorneys will tell you upfront is that if you were hurt because of someone else’s actions, you might have a case. Of course, each situation is unique, and what we’ll try to do here is provide a framework to help you identify if you have a possible claim or not.

Is It Possible An Insurance Policy Would Cover Your Damages?

It is possible for homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, and other types of liability insurance to cover damages. Although many people don’t realize that these are options until much later, sometimes too late. For personal injury cases , you often only have a two to four-year window to file your claim, with two years being the statute of limitations in nearly all situations.

So when would you expect an insurance policy to cover your damages? If the accident happened on another person’s property and they owed you some type of duty of care, then they should cover it. Additionally, if the accident took place within a business and occurred because of poor maintenance, cleaning, or similar issues, you should expect liability insurance to cover your damages.

Do You Pay an Insurance Provider for Coverage in the Event of This Type of Situation?

When you pay homeowners insurance or car insurance, you might expect certain things to fall under this type of coverage. You might be surprised at what coverage you can get through your existing policies to help ease the financial burden of recovery.

One of the most common examples is uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage through your car insurance policy can cover pedestrian and bicycling accidents that involve another vehicle. For example, if you’re out for a run and then a car hit you, then you would file for an insurance claim through your uninsured motorist coverage if that driver did not have insurance.

However, in Florida, the no-fault system would take that down a different road. You would still have access to file under your own Personal Injury Protection policy. But you may also have the opportunity to seek civil action against the driver for extreme carelessness or negligence.

Accidents That Involve Property Owners

Typically homeowner’s insurance also has personal liability coverage. What that means is that the homeowner’s insurance should cover the damages from injuries that take place on their property, even for their own injuries. If you fell down your stairs or slipped on a leak from under your sink, then you can probably file under your own policy.

However, if you were over at someone’s home and were injured on their property, you would go through that homeowner’s policy. These policies exist to cover the unexpected.

What’s Covered and How Long Do You Have to File?

Most of the laws concerning personal injury are there to define injury and harm and set time frames on a resolution. Initially, they’re out to determine whether the ‘injury’ at hand falls under tort law or personal injury law. The scope of personal injury applies to a situation where one person was hurt because another person was negligent, careless, or malicious. The malicious extent often doesn’t go to civil court and is instead handled through the criminal court with restitution to victims being a possible part of sentencing.

Then the laws governing personal injury seek to restrict the ability of possible misuse. To this extent, victims are only given two years from the date of injury to make their claim. In some rare cases, judges will waive this or set it on hold. Usually, those exceptions are for minor, or for people with delayed diagnosis.

Finding a Personal Injury Law Firm in Tampa

If you were in a slip and fall or dog bite injury or another type of common personal injury case, call Winters & Yonker. With Florida back in full bloom, it’s just a matter of time before pool injuries, and beach injuries start showing up again.

Our attorneys who practice personal injury law in Tampa know that the unexpected can derail your life. A simple slip and fall can involve broken joints or traumatic brain injury. Personal injury cases are never as straightforward as they seem, call our Tampa law offices now for support.

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