Rollover Accidents: The Facts

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Injuries due to vehicle rollover accidents can be very complex and require the help of experienced lawyers to navigate information where it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

It is best to seek out an attorney such as Winters & Yonker, who will make it their top priority to preserve your rights and pursue the right amount of compensation for your injuries.

Of all the car accidents that can happen, rollovers are oftentimes thought to be the most devastating for there’s simply little a driver can do to stop them from happening once they start. The unpredictability of when these accidents happen and whether drivers have time to react are also leading factors as to why rollover accidents are so extensive. Most of the time, the vehicle rolls over and flips over entirely, landing either on its roof or on its side. How the vehicle rolls over or lands is why it’s often difficult to escape uninjured in such accidents. 

The injuries incurred from rollover accidents often pair with extensive medical bills, downtime for recovery, long lasting injuries including some that may be life long and ongoing care or rehabilitation. These unpredictable and unexpected medical and financial hardships can be a lot to handle while you are focusing on recovering, which is where Winters & Yonker come in. Our team of dedicated and experienced attorneys are here to lighten your load so you can focus on getting better while we focus on getting you the compensation you need and deserve whether you were the driver or the passenger. 

What happens in a car rollover accident?

Rollover accidents are often caused by a driver over-correcting the vehicle due to a sudden stop or to avoid something on the road. When rollover accidents happen, your car might tip over causing your limbs to collide with various objects in or outside the vehicle. A major vehicle rollover accident can lead to a multitude of bodily injuries including fractured bones, cuts, bruises and loss of limb.

The speed at which a rollover incident occurs is often a prominent factor because the source of the force must be significant enough to overcome the engineering protections designed to prevent a vehicle from tipping over. Many times this can happen during collisions where another car could collide with a vehicle and push it with enough force to tip over. But rollovers can occur even in single-vehicle accidents, where the velocity or force may come from the vehicle’s own speed combined with its weight being thrown off-balance by circumstances out of anyone’s control such as on rough roads, poor tire conditions, inadequate brakes, tire blowouts (flat tires) or uneven surfaces.

Car accidents require some form of force and gravity but when it pertains to rollover collisions, the combined force can cause serious injury. Seatbelts are a vital component when you’re involved in an automobile wreck, providing protection to your upper body and head against potential impact with a number of different interior items, such as airbags or even other passengers. It’s important though to always wear your seatbelt because cars do have their own weight that generally rolls and flows among the flow of the other vehicles around them. 

Vehicle rollover accidents can lead to danger for both the driver and passing motorists. A rolling vehicle can hit other vehicles, structures or people, block the roadway and even cause debris to become airborne. Even after the accident, you need to worry about more than just yourself because people walking around who are uninjured can be in danger of being struck by passing vehicles if they are distracted or cannot see the cars involved clearly.

When should I hire an attorney after a rollover accident?

You have the right to hire legal representation at any time throughout the process of making an insurance claim or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. In certain circumstances, you may wish to hire independent counsel in order to seek legal advice or even begin the process of litigation. Best practice is to meet with an attorney sooner than later. This will help expedite your process as well as aid in obtaining as much information as possible upfront. 

What do rollover accident lawyers do?

A rollover accident lawyer helps victims of car accidents file for compensation for the damages that other drivers have caused them. If you experience an accident that was not your fault, a car accident lawyer can help you figure out what to do next, and even take legal action on your behalf while you recover from any injuries sustained.

It is crucial your attorney thoroughly gather footage and documentation that corresponds to your case. Having this evidence is what is needed to best understand the accident and ensure you receive the proper compensation you deserve. 

Unlike traditional personal injury law firms, the attorneys at Winters & Yonker provide immediate legal assistance to protect you and your loved ones. All while guiding you through the process to ensure maximum compensation is received. If you or someone you love have been in a rollover accident in Florida, call 813-223-6200 or contact Winters & Yonker today for your free consultation.

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