Ways You Have More Control Over Vehicle Safety Than You Might Initially Consider

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We use the term victim when referring to the person who was hit or struck by another vehicle or driver as part of a car crash. This certainly paints an accurate picture when it comes to the legal element of Crash resolution. But, it has provided an unclear narrative and exactly how much each driver contributes to a wreck. There are certainly times when someone is an outright victim and did not contribute to the crash at all. However, many drivers fail to consider or grow complacent and taking responsibility for their own safety.

There are many ways that you have much more control over your safety, and your passenger safety, when in a vehicle. Some of these are recent advancements in technology, and others are things that people genuinely forget about. Take care to consider all of these elements, and if you can, implement them into your daily life to create a safer driving experience. Contact our Florida car accident attorneys today.

Dashcams and Backup Cams

You don’t need a fancy dashcam. In fact, there are many apps that you can use to transform your phone into a dashcam while you’re driving. These cameras can help after a crash, but they can also help you be more aware of general safety when it comes to driving. The mere presence of these cameras often helps people keep general safety elements in mind while they are driving.

Backup cameras, however, can provide some degree of safety. On their own, a backup camera does not eliminate back over accidents. However, using a backup camera in combination with checking over your shoulder, and double-checking your blind spots, can drastically reduce the likelihood of a backup, or back over incident.

Apps to Keep You Distraction-Free

One of the best things to do is to employ a distraction-free app. These apps allow drivers to does her all distractions from their phones, often except for emergency calls. Most of these applications are available directly from your mobile phone provider. AT&T has the “It can wait” system, and other major providers offer similar apps that shut down all notifications, excluding GPS routing and when you receive multiple phone calls in secession from the same number.

These applications demand that the driver set up everything for their drive before they actually get moving. Inputting GPS information, or arranging navigation, and even things like setting up your iTunes or Spotify playlist. These apps use your weight of travel to determine when to turn on and when not to. It makes it convenient and easy, but it also demands that you put in the effort to arrange for your drive beforehand or pull over.

Maintenance and General Car Care

How terrible would it be if you saw the crash coming ahead, and you had space to stop, except your brakes, aren’t functioning properly? Brakes, fluid levels, and even really basic things like headlights and brake lights, can be the difference of a wreck or not getting into a wreck. Your brakes don’t need to be totally shot for them to not work the way they should. In fact, many people will wear their breaks down to extremely low-efficiency levels and not face the day-to-day problems with planned stops. However, emergency stops are where the trouble comes in.

Schedule regular maintenance checkups and upkeep your general car care as best you can. These two steps can help ensure that when an emergency does happen, your car is in peak condition to respond appropriately.

After a Crash Reach Out to Your Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa

As we mentioned in the beginning, there are times when some accidents are just unavoidable. You could not possibly have done anything else to protect yourself or protect your passengers, and we understand. Because of Florida’s no-fault ruling, you may have to go through your personal insurance first. However, as a genuine victim of an accident, you might have the option to pursue legal action. Hold the other driver responsible for what they did that led to this wreck.

At Winters Yonker, we see plenty of our clients come in and believing that they don’t have many options available. Then, our clients are surprised to learn that the extremeness of the crash, and of the driver’s negligence, does give them options in attempting to get a full recovery. It is even possible through your personal insurance to fight for full compensation. Dial-up Winters Yonker and learn what role insurance should play in your crash resolution.

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