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Burns are some of the most painful injuries you can sustain. They mostly result from extensive hospitalization, surgery, secondary illnesses, rehabilitation – sometimes for years to come. In case you or a loved one is a victim of a fire-related accident; you have the right to receive compensation from the person responsible for the burn injuries.

Essentially, you shouldn’t face the insurance company alone; you can depend on the experience of a highly experienced Wesley Chapel burn injury lawyer at Winters & Yonker P.A. Many burn victims have depended on our personalized service and expertise to make sure that they receive compensation they need and deserve. Our personal injury attorneys will also hold the defendants liable for their careless acts in such a way that the other victims won’t have to get avoidable injuries in the future.

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What Type of Compensation Is Available to Burn Injury Victims?

In Wesley Chapel, FL, the person responsible for causing you the burn injuries is also liable for compensating you for your financial losses, which may include:

Medical Expenses

these are often significant for burn injury victims. Aside from the surgeries and emergency treatments, most victims will require extended periods of hospitalization. This can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses within the first few days of the injury. Keep in mind that most burn victims will require medical treatment for many years to come, including regular checkups, consultations with specialists, cosmetic surgeries, and other similar appointments. Many burn victims will also develop conditions such as respiratory illnesses. Medical expenses may also include rehabilitative services like occupational and physical therapies.

Pain and Suffering

This is usually one of the biggest components of personal injury awards. Since pain is subjective, it can be difficult to calculate the monetary value of the pain and suffering a victim endures. Insurance adjusters are usually trained to do simple calculations based on the total amount of medical expenses the victim incurs.

This doesn’t account for the unique nature of the circumstances that could worsen the pain of a victim (such as intolerance to pain medication or a pregnancy). Burns are some of the most painful injuries, and will often require pain management services for many years to come. A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer can protect your rights to compensation for your pain and suffering.

Lost Wages

These occur when an injury victim is forced to miss work because of the injuries sustained. Whether it’s time taken off for medical appointments, or sick time for recovery immediately after the accident, the time you spend away from work will result in lost wages. For hourly employees, the lost wages are determined by simply calculating the missed hours multiplied by the hourly pay. Salaried employees need to report their salaries first to establish their hourly rates, and then perform the same calculation.

A Wesley Chapel burn injury lawyer reviewing a settlement offer for a client.

Profit-sharing, bonuses, and other performance incentives are often also compensable. It’s often difficult to prove the dollar value of these performance incentives, which were lost as a result of the accident. This too can be an important part of the lost wage compensation award. Lost wages could also result from the lower potential for future earnings, especially with permanent injuries. Severe injuries could also impair the ability of the victim to engage in meaningful employment.

Property Damage

This is often an incidental occurrence to the accidents that led to the burn injuries. For instance, a car accident that ends up burning the victim is also likely to have significant damage to the vehicle. Similarly, household accidents that lead to burns are likely to also cause damaged furnishings around the house or even the structure of the house itself. Fire damage in a public location could also damage the jewelry or clothing of the victim. All of these losses are subject to compensation by the individuals or entities responsible for causing the burn injuries.

How Do I Know Who is Responsible for My Burn Injuries?

The person responsible for causing your injuries is also legally required to compensate you. It can be difficult to identify which person, entities, or companies are legally liable for causing your burn injuries. In auto accidents, the insurance companies will generally determine the drivers that were at fault or apportion fault in cases involving multiple drivers and pay up the damages accordingly.

It’s usually a lot more difficult to prove the negligence of a homeowner in causing a household fire, or that a store owner exposed customers to an unreasonable amount of risk of burns. Chemical burns are a lot more complicated. In case a pool had too much chlorine, the patrons could be eligible for compensation for eye damage, irritation, or other illnesses from the agency responsible for running the pool.

A lab worker who is accidentally exposed to chemicals in the workplace could be entitled to workers’ compensation. In case a defective consumer product like a curling iron ends up burning the user, the manufacturer could face product liability claims. In every situation, the individual circumstances will determine the liable party.

The good news is that the burn victims don’t need to make complex legal determinations of liability for on their own. A burn injury lawyer will help to establish which of the parties was responsible for causing your injuries and what kind of insurance coverage might be available to help pay for your losses. Without a skilled legal professional reviewing your case, you can’t be certain that you’ve accessed the high compensation amount we guarantee you. Hiring our legal team to handle your case will help you stay focused on making a full recovery.

Get Help From Our Trusted Wesley Chapel Burn Injury Lawyers

Whether your burn injury was caused by a workplace accident, car accident, a dangerous product, or any other factors, you need to work with an experienced burn injury lawyer who can aggressively protect your right to compensation. Our highly skilled lawyers, friendly staff, and personalized service will help you get through this difficult time. Contact us through (888) 373-7770 or online to schedule your free consultation with a lawyer today.

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