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Road accidents are an unfortunate fact that everyone has to live with. However, an accident involving a truck doesn’t happen every day but it’s a possibility. If you have been involved in a truck accident in Florida, you should know that you have legal rights to get fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Preventing a truck accident might not be possible but it is possible for you to get fair compensation.

The only thing you need to do is to get in touch with a reputable and experienced truck accident lawyer. A professional and experienced Wesley Chapel truck accident lawyer will give you expert advice on things you need to do to take care of your expenses, your injuries as well as to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and losses.

Winters & Yonker is a reputed personal injury law firm. We have the required resources and experts to ensure you get justice and fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

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Truck Accident Statistics in Florida

A large truck is responsible for killing a person every 16 minutes in the US. More than 140,000 people suffer injuries in accidents involving large trucks, and almost 700 people in smaller vehicles lose their lives. In terms of traffic-related fatalities involving trucks, Florida ranks third in the country. These statistics are worrisome when you consider the number of injuries and deaths related to accidents involving trucks on the American roads.

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In many cases, these accidents happen due to speeding, reckless driving, driving on the wrong lane, driving under influence, or driving when tired, and various other reasons. In fact, the state of Florida has also started a campaign called “Stay Right at Night” to advocate for safety and to reduce crashes involving driving the wrong way.

Steps To Take After a Truck Accident

Here at Winters & Yonker, we deal with Wesley Chapel truck accident victims regularly, and here is what we recommend you should do in case you are involved in a truck accident:

Call the Cops

The very first thing you need to do is to call 911. Tell them about the accident. The cops will cover the accident scene and they are required to file an accident report which can then be acquired by you from the police department. You will need to tell the police your account of the events and whether you have sustained any injuries or not. The accident report filed by the police could be used as evidence when it comes to your claim case.

Try to Help Others

If possible, you should help other people involved in the accident. You can help by administering first aid at the right time, and you might be able to save someone’s life. Wherever possible, you should try to provide as much help as you can before the arrival of the medical emergency response team.

Exchange Contact Information

You should try to collect as much information as you can about all the people involved in the accident. Try to get their contact details as you are going to need to get in touch with them at a later date. Try to get their home address, phone number, name as well as the driver’s license number, and any other details. Exchange information about insurance coverage and information about the truck driver’s employer or the company.

Document Everything and Get Witness Statements

If you have minimal injuries and you are completely conscious, you should try to utilize that time to document the accident. Try to take photographs of the accident scene from different angles, always making sure the vehicles in the accident are captured in your photos. Check if there are any witnesses and request them for their contact information. If possible, record the conversation. You should try to document the state of the road, weather conditions, presence or absence of road signs as well as any other factors that could have been responsible for the truck accident.

Get in Touch With an Experienced Injury Attorney

It is extremely important to immediately get in touch with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Wesley Chapel. Try to contact an experienced attorney as quickly as possible after the accident in order to enhance your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries and losses. The attorney will also offer you expert advice on navigating the challenges associated with such matters and help you put your best foot forward for your case.

Truck Accident Liability – State Laws in Florida

As per the law, all the drivers in Florida are bound to have a minimum liability cover of at least $10,000 but this figure can be $50,000 and higher for semi-truck drivers. These vehicles drivers have such a high minimum insurance cover due to their size and also, due to the average time they spend on the roads as compared to cars. Truck drivers are also held to stricter requirements as accidents involving trucks are usually much more devastating and have a higher probability of fatalities.

What Can You Expect From a Truck Accident Attorney?

Here are a few ways an experienced truck accident attorney can help with your case:

Incident Investigation

There will perform a thorough investigation in order to figure out the real cause of the accident. They might enlist the help of other professionals such as forensic experts in order to review the scene and to collect additional evidence that could have been overlooked.

Claim Filing

The lawyer will also help you file the claim. Our team of lawyers will ask for full compensation from all the liable parties to ensure that you get the required money to pay for your medical expenses as well as other losses.


We recommend against any discussions with an insurance company. Insurance companies are trying to keep their payouts to a minimum and they might get you to sign some papers with a low settlement offer or use whatever you say in order to weaken your claim. This is the reason, we recommend having your lawyer negotiate with insurance companies in order to get the best possible deal.

Go to Trial

We always try to get maximum compensation for our clients, though the amount of compensation depends on the factors surrounding the case. We will go to trial to ensure that you get fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Compensation You Can Receive From a Wrongful Death Claim

As a truck accident victim, you are entitled to get compensation for a variety of non-economic as well as economic damages. The category of economic damages includes things such as loss of income, medical expenses – current as well as future, loss of property as well as the loss of capacity to work. The non-economic damage category includes pain and suffering, physical and mental damages as well as the loss of consortium due to injuries.

An attorney filing an injury claim for a client in a truck accident.

In some cases, there might be punitive damages available. This typically happens in cases where the party responsible for the accident is punished severely for their negligent or reckless conduct.

Deadlines For Filing Truck Accident Claims in Florida

There is a statute of limitations in Florida. It simply means there is a deadline to file claims for damages. The victims have to file a claim for their injuries due to the negligent actions of a truck driver within four years from the accident date. There are also some exceptions subject to various factors such as the claimant being mentally incapacitated or relocation of the defendant to another state.

Fixing Accountability for the Accident

Fixing liability depends on the parties involved in a truck accident. It could include the individual driving the truck as they have the most responsibility in such cases, especially in cases where they are driving under the influence. The trucking company, loading company as well as the manufacturer of the truck could also be held liable. The matter will be investigated by your attorney to find out the people responsible for the accident and how things are likely to go when the case goes to trial.

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One thing must be clear to you by now that you have much better chances of getting fair competition and justice when you have an experienced truck accident lawyer in Wesley Chapel, FL, by your side. Here at Winters & Yonker, we are determined to help truck accident victims like you get fair compensation for their injuries and losses. We will make sure that you do not fall into the traps of the insurance company. Our law firm has the required expertise and legal resources to ensure people responsible for the accident are held accountable and you get fair compensation.

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