What Causes Cars to Rollover?

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Hearing that a car rolled over as part of an accident is confirmation that the facts that it wasn’t your standard Fender Bender, it was a really bad crash. But being part of a collision that involved a rollover is even more terrifying. It may have initially seemed like a rollover was it probable linear collision. However, overcorrecting or another vehicle colliding with your car it may have caused the rollover.

Well, understanding what causes vehicles to roll over certainly won’t make your situation better, it can provide some insight into what exactly happened during your crash. Many drivers and passengers can’t give a full account of what happened during the collision because of the chaos and panic occurring at the time. If you’re involved in a wreck, contact our Tampa car accident attorneys right away.

Driver Control and Overcorrecting

Driver control is a serious issue when it comes to rollover crashes. Most rollover accidents are single-vehicle crashes, and they almost always come with fatalities. Why and how does this happen? Often the driver is distracted or engaging in risky behavior, and they lose control of their vehicle or overcorrect.

Now losing control of the vehicle can happen in other ways, such as inclement weather or hydroplaning. However, often when people lose control of the vehicle, their knee jerk reaction is to overcorrect the wheel, and that is what often leads to rollover accidents. Vehicles that are more prone to rollover rates include taller and more narrow vehicles, including sports utility vehicles, pickups, and taller vans. So when a driver overcorrects, it distorts that vehicle’s center of gravity.

Risky Driving Behavior

While most site risky behavior includes drinking and driving or excessive speeding, the biggest issue that people face with rollovers is distracted driving. The National Highway Transportation Safety Association identified that about 90% of vehicles involved in rollover crashes with fatalities happened during normal driving maneuvers. What that leads these experts to believe is that inattentiveness, texting, and other distractions in the vehicle have a significant role in the dangers of a vehicle rolling over.

Multiple Vehicle Involvement and Collisions

Although it is far less common than single-vehicle rollover collisions, if a car does rollover as part of a collision, it is likely not a two-car crash. Typically if a car rolls over as part of a collision, it is because there are many vehicles involved, and that vehicle was probably hit by two or more cars.

For example, if an SUV was traveling down the freeway and was hit from behind, the SUV may swerve into the other lane, where it could be hit by another vehicle causing it to roll over. This type of collision will often come with fatalities or catastrophic injuries.

Avoiding a Rollover

By and large, SUVs are generally safer vehicles, but it is important to understand your vehicle. If you drive an SUV or any vehicle with a raised center of gravity, then you should be careful with how and how much you correct after any type of collision. You should try to maintain some awareness about your sideways momentum, and determine your tipping potential.

One of the most effective ways of avoiding a rollover is to control your speed. Excessive speed is typically a factor, but for some people traveling on Florida freeways, the standard speed is high speed. If you sense an oncoming collision, reduce your speed in as safe a manner as possible.

Finally, keep your focus on the road. Although you were the victim in this crash, there are many cases with rollovers were the victim or the person deceased in the accident was the only driver. Distractions, sleeping behind the wheel or operating a car while intoxicated are among the top causes of rollovers.

How to Resolve a Rollover Crash with a Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer

Resolving a crash that likely involved serious or severe injuries or possibly a fatality can seem extremely difficult. When you’re in Tampa, or anywhere in Florida, it seems even worse because you’re led to believe that there’s no other opportunity for compensation other than your personal injury protection plan. Yes, you may need to go through your PIP policy, but that may not be your only option.

Winter crash may involve the at-fault driver being under the influence or taking extremely risky behavior. You may have the option to file suit against the driver for extreme carelessness or negligence. That’s when you should contact Winters & Yonker. At our law office, you can get the full support you need to file a lawsuit, complete a crash claim, and negotiate with your insurance company for full compensation.

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Rollover Accidents: The Facts

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