When Is A Car Accident Attorney Necessary?

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As car accident attorneys, we know that car accidents happen unexpectedly, and they often result in damages and injuries that may be serious. The process to recover from your injuries may be expensive and time-consuming. However, it is hard to determine whether you should hire an auto accident attorney in Tampa or not, especially in the beginning. It always depends on who is at fault for the vehicle accident. Nevertheless, even if you are not suing another person, you may need a car accident lawyer to help you receive your insurance company’s compensation.

This article discusses when a car accident attorney is necessary to resolve a car accident case. Most auto accident lawyers offer a free consultation. Therefore, you can get professional legal advice without any risk. Learning about your legal rights and options will help you decide how to proceed.

During the free consultation, lawyers can determine if you have a case before they make a commitment towards you. At the same time, you can understand how much your claim may be worth before proceeding with legal action.

Types Of Car Accidents Where A Car Accident Attorney Is Not Necessary

Depending on the amount of money you may recover, sometimes hiring a car accident lawyer will not make any difference. If, for example, you suffered a minor injury like a mild whiplash, and you were entirely recovered by visiting a chiropractor a few times, you may not need an attorney. If the costs of your recovery were not that expensive, hiring a lawyer to win a few more dollars may not be worth the effort, time, and money.

Whatever the case, it is best for your interest to visit a lawyer for a free consultation before you make your decision. The purpose of this consultation is to determine if you have a case. Whether you hire an auto accident attorney is entirely up to you. But, if you choose to take legal action, you should act fast.

When To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

It is crucial to hire an auto accident attorney to protect your legal rights and claim the compensation you deserve under the following circumstances:

  • When the car accident resulted in severe injuries. Hospitalization and special medical treatment are significantly expensive, and a car accident lawyer can help you win compensation and fully recover your medical expenses.
  • When the car crash resulted in death. An auto accident lawyer should handle these cases. Immediate request for legal advice is mandatory when a fatal car accident occurs.
  • When there is a dispute about who is at-fault for the accident. You will need a lawyer to guide you and prove that the other party was at-fault if that is the case.
  • When you missed days from work. In case your insurance company underestimates your income loss, a lawyer can help you get fair compensation.
  • When the accident happened in a construction zone. Sometimes accidents that occur in a construction zone are fatal. These incidents that may also involve workers, or driver violations, may result in heavy penalties and fines. Hiring a car accident lawyer may be a wise choice in these cases.
  • When the police report is not accurate and may impact your injuries claim. A car accident attorney will be needed to help you fight your case, especially if the police report puts the blame for the accident on you.
  • When more parties are involved. In case a car accident involves other vehicles or even pedestrians, you should seek legal advice from an experienced car accident lawyer.
  • When another party or your insurer hires a lawyer. In such a case, you should immediately hire a lawyer to protect your interests.
  • When insurance issues exist. If a party involved does not have insurance, or the insurance limits are low, then a car accident attorney can help.
  • When the insurance company tries to avoid payment. Insurance companies often use tactics to avoid paying and recovering your damages. An experienced auto accident lawyer can defend your legal rights in such a challenging case.

Contact A Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa, FL

If you or someone you love were involved in a car accident, and you are worried you can not financially cover your damages, you should consult an auto accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, to help you get a better offer from your insurance company. Call us today at Winters and Yonker law firm for your free consultation with our team of experienced car accident attorneys and discuss your options.

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