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If you are a lifelong resident of Florida, specifically in the Winter Haven area, you will likely hear of accidents that are caused by distracted drivers. In fact, you may actually be one of the victims of these vehicular accidents, some of which can cause irreparable damage to those that have been victimized.

If you have to go through a substantial number of medical procedures for rehabilitative purposes, this can become very expensive. That’s why contacting a reputable Winter Haven distracted driving accident lawyer will be advantageous, likely ensuring that you will receive some form of settlement. The best one to contact is the Winters and Yonker personal injury law firm. We have been providing assistance for people in this area for years. You can contact them by phone at (888) 373-7770 to see how they can help you with your situation.

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Understanding What Distracted Driving Really Means

The term distracted driver is a very straightforward term. It is a good representation of those that often cause significant accidents. They are distracted by numerous potential events, some of which can be avoided, and there are certain actions that are actually illegal. When a person is driving, and they are distracted from the road, this can lead to problematic scenarios. The distraction can be caused by something visual, audible, or they may actually cause the distraction themselves.

Different Types Of Distracted Driving Explained

Categorizing people that are distracted drivers typically comes down to three specific categories. If someone is distracted by a thought, they may not have full awareness of the road in front of them, and therefore this can lead to a potential incident. Visual distracted driving is another category. This is one that is much more common. As you are driving forward down the road, you may notice other things along the way, directing your attention away from your driving.

Finally, manual distracted driving is perhaps the worst of them all. People are purposefully doing something that necessitates taking their handoff of the wheel. When this occurs, not only will they have less control of how they are driving, but their attention will be focused on the object that they have grabbed. This could be soda pop, or it might be a cell phone, and there are different laws regarding what is permissible and what is not.

Laws Pertaining To Distracted Driving In The State Of Florida

The laws that have been created in the state of Florida were done for good reason. Currently, Florida ranks number two in all of the states for the worst of all distracted driving offenders. Most of these people are distracted through a purposeful choice. They have likely grabbed something, such as a cell phone, and may actually be attempting to respond to someone.

This can also occur if someone is trying to speak with an individual that has called them, or perhaps they are trying to call out to these people. Even if they have a headset, you are limited as to what you can do with this piece of technology that can often be helpful when trying to focus on the road ahead of you.

These laws also enable police officers to pullover individuals that are engaged in this type of behavior. These laws are also utilized by the courts, allowing them to find individuals that are first-time and repeat offenders. Although the intention of these laws was to improve this situation in Winter Haven, Florida, accidents are still occurring.

Overview Of Damages That Distracted Driving Victims Can Pursue

When one of these accidents occurs, and someone is injured, they will need a settlement to pay for these changes in their life. For some, they may have only been injured in a small way. However, for others, the life that they were living is something that they may not be able to return to in the near future. That is why many of these cases lead to settlements that can be quite substantial.

If the person is found guilty of the crime of distracted driving, they will be responsible for the medical expenses, lost earnings, and various other economic damages that may have occurred. They may have to pay for vehicle repairs, childcare, home care expenses, ambulance fees, and even hospital bills. The court will decide what is appropriate based upon the accident and what that accident has done to the person that was injured. However, the individual in question may not be able to receive any of it if they do not file their claim in a timely manner.

Statute Of Limitation In Florida On Filing Distracted Driving Accident Claims

For a total of four years, people that are injured in a distracted driving accident can file a claim in order to get compensation for what has happened. This is how they will be able to convince a court to provide them with a settlement amount that can pay for all of these bills. This may include medical equipment, prescription medications, and also psychological counseling for emotional distress.

If the court deems it necessary, because the distracted driver is a repeat offender, they may also order punitive damages that the person may have to pay. All of this is possible, but only if the victim of the accident files their claim within that four-year period.

Why Lawyers Will Be Needed After a Distracted Driving Accident

It is one thing to understand that you need to file a claim. It is a completely different situation if you do not know how to do this. That is why seeking legal counsel is so important for those that would like to pursue compensation for all of the medical and additional bills that are likely piling up. Law firms that specialize in tort law will have the expertise and knowledge necessary to get this done.

Without the help of a car accident attorney, you may waste months, or even years of your time, trying to do this yourself. It is also unlikely that a judge will take you seriously if you do not have some form of representation. That’s why contacting a law firm such as Winters and Yonker will likely be an excellent choice to make.

Contact The Winter Haven Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers at Winters and Yonker

The number of distracted driving accident claims is consistently going up. Thousands of drivers are distracted, some of which are causing major accidents. Since Florida is ranked in the second position for all of the states that have distracted driving accidents, there will likely be someone in Winter Haven that will need this type of help.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of this type of accident, you can call our personal injury lawyers at (888) 373-7770. Once you have done this, you can schedule a time to work with one of their representatives, a lawyer that will understand how to help you.

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