fbpx Auto Accident Attorney New Port Richey

Auto Accident Attorney New Port Richey

Auto Accident Attorney New Port Richey

Christopher M. Smith. at Winters & Yonker. is a renowned auto accident attorney in New Port Richey with years of experience and an impeccable and impressive track record. With over a decade of experience, Christopher is a highly sought-after legal counsel for car accident victims in New Port Richey. The benefits of hiring a competent and insightful car accident lawyer include:

  • Attorneys Are Professional And Look At Your Case Objectively 

It may be difficult for you to focus on your case when you are already dealing with a lot of pain and mental trauma. Car accidents can cause a lot of pain and emotional upheaval, making it difficult for you to make objective decisions. Hiring one of the personal injury attorneys can reduce your burden and provide you time to recuperate while handling your legal battles. They will not only file a personal injury claim on your behalf but will bring knowledge, skill, and experience into your case as well. Only a skilled lawyer can help you recover the settlement you deserve within a short period.

  • A Lawyer Can Handle Negotiations 

You may lack the legal acumen and the negotiation abilities to put forth a strong argument as to why you deserve a specific amount of compensation. Unfortunately, most insurance companies have fierce adjusters who can be difficult to fight, causing you to leave with a low settlement. On the other hand, a competent lawyer will handle the insurance adjuster's arguments and rebuttals more effectively to ensure far better outcomes. Car accident victims who hire a personal injury lawyer recover a heftier compensation than those who choose to represent themselves.

  • They Can Help You Get Medical Attention

It is always safer to keep your personal injury attorney’s name as one of your emergency contacts, as they can help you get the best treatment possible. Injury law attorneys know some of the top treatment providers in their city and can guide you to those physicians, helping you receive the best medical care possible. They will also liaise with your physician and gather the treatment records, bills, etc.

  • They Help You Make Better Decisions

Filing a personal injury claim amidst medical treatment for your injuries is the last thing car accident victims want, as it is a long and complicated process. An attorney may advise you on the best ways of handling your claim and help you make an informed decision in each stage of the claim process.

  • An Accident Law Firm Can Provide You With Legal Coverage

Having a lawyer by your side to support you will level the playing field and optimize your chances of winning your court case. Should your case reach court, an attorney can persuade the judge and jury to provide you with a favorable case outcome.

Contact us at 813-223-6200 to schedule a free consultation with Christopher M Smith. He is a top-rated auto accident attorney in New Port Richey with several positive testimonials from past clients. Winters & Yonker is one of the premier attorney firms with an accomplished team of lawyers and a flawless track record. Get in touch with us today.

Auto Accident Attorney New Port Richey
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