fbpx Car Accident Lawyer St Petersburg

Car Accident Lawyer St Petersburg

Car Accident Lawyer St Petersburg

Matthew Brown is a skilled car accident lawyer in St Petersburg with an impeccable track record, fierce negotiation skills, and unmatched analytical capabilities. Winters & Yonker is St. Petersburg's trusted legal companion with a high success rate. Our clear communication with our clients and ability to deliver several million-dollar settlements make us stand out from other law firms in Florida.

When Should I Notify People About My Intention To File A Personal Injury Claim For My Accident Injuries?

You need to notify the people you think are at fault for the accident within a set number of days after the car crash. Acting right away not only increases your chances of receiving a fair resolution to your claim but can give you time to gather evidence and build a strong claim.

Remember that giving notice does not obligate you to file a claim. It preserves your right to recover compensation and prevents the other parties involved in the accident from saying that your claim is no longer valid because you waited too long. Once you notify the other parties about your intention to file a claim for your injuries, you have the freedom to move the claim at your own pace and don't have to hurry the processing or negotiating process. Speak to our personal injury attorneys to learn how to notify the at-fault party in your injury claim.

Is There A Deadline For Filing An Accident Injury Claim Against A Government Entity?

If you meet with an accident because of a government entity or its employees, you must file a claim within a short period after the collision. In most cases, car accident victims have anywhere between 1 - 12 months, depending upon where they live, to file a claim on a government establishment.

Failing to file a claim within the set time limit or failing to include vital information, or missing a deadline can cause you to lose your right to recover compensation forever. Contact a reputed accident law firm to learn about the time limit you have to file a claim or call your state, city, or county attorney's office for more information.

What To Do When Filing An Injury Law Claim For My Car Accident Against A Government Agency?

The first days following your accident are pivotal, and there are a few things you can do to protect your right to compensation. Before you can file a claim against a Government entity, write down as many details you can about the accident scene, your injuries, and other loss you suffered. Make notes of all the conversations you have with the people involved in the accident. Preserve evidence and take photos of the damages. Lastly, identify people who witnessed the accident and collect their contact information.

The ideal way to select the best car accident lawyer in St Petersburg is to schedule a face-to-face interview with several attorneys. Winters & Yonker is your most trusted legal partner, and we handle each case with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. We do not rest until we take down the parties who caused your injuries and have them pay for their negligence. Call 813-223-6200 to book a consultation with Matthew Brown today.

Car Accident Lawyer St Petersburg
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