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Car Accident Lawyers Tampa

Car Accident Lawyers Tampa

When you've sustained severe injuries in a collision, it's essential to hire one of the experienced car accident lawyers in Tampa. You could be going through a lot, such as lost wages due to time away from work and expensive medical bills. Our compassionate and expert lawyers at Winters & Yonker can ensure injury law works in your favor, allowing you to be fairly compensated. As a leading accident law firm, we’ll provide you with sound legal advice and personalized support. We want nothing more than to help you obtain compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Understanding Vicarious Liability In A Personal Injury Claim

Usually, car accident victims obtain compensation from the insurers of the at-fault driver. But how can an injured person get their settlement when the individual who caused the accident wasn’t the vehicle owner? Using the doctrine of vicarious liability. Vicarious liability can help ensure the vehicle owner is held liable for your serious injuries even though they had given out their vehicle to the driver who caused the accident. Often, it's the vehicle owner's insurance provider who pays the personal injury claim.

What Is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability is a situation when an individual or entity is held responsible for the actions of another. This means it’s legally possible for a person, although they might not be at fault, to pay for damages caused by someone else. But for vicarious liability to be applicable, there must be a relationship between the two parties.

Examples of Vicarious Liability

Common examples where vicarious liability may apply are:

  • An employer giving permission to their employee to drive their car for work-related matters.
  • A parent allowing their child to take their car.
  • A trucking company hiring a truck driver.

If the employee, child, or truck driver gets into a collision due to their own negligence, the employer, parent, or trucking company could be liable.

It’s important to note that the car owner isn't responsible if someone uses their vehicle without permission and causes an accident. But if the driver wasn’t insured, injured victims might still be able to make personal injury claims against the owner’s insurer.

Determining Vicarious Liability After A Car Accident

To prove that a third party was also responsible for your car accident, you’ll need to show that the at-fault driver was acting on their behalf at the time the accident happened. As such, you’ll have to demonstrate that the driver was negligent when the accident occurred. And if it was an employee, you’ll also have to show that they were performing work duties.

Because vicarious liability in motor vehicle accidents is a complicated issue, you’ll need the assistance of a top-rated car accident attorney. They have the expertise to investigate your claim, determine all the at-fault parties in your accident, and make sure you get the settlement needed to reclaim your life after a collision.

We’ll Help You Win

If you were injured in a collision, our car accident lawyers in Tampa at Winters & Yonker are here to help. Each day, our personal injury attorneys fight for people like you so that you can focus on your recovery as we get you the best possible compensation for your damages. Call us and request a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer: 1-813-223-6200.

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