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Clearwater Auto Accident Lawyer

Clearwater Auto Accident Lawyer

Trevor Wade Colvin at Winters & Yonker is a top-rated Clearwater auto accident lawyer with several positive reviews and a successful track record. Trevor's goal is to get the highest possible settlement for his clients in an injury claim.

How To Choose The Best Lawyer For My Case?

The best way to find out the aptest lawyer for your claim is to sit down for a consultation with several attorneys and discuss your case's details with them and the possible ways of handling it. Be sure to bring copies of all your documents to the consultation, such as the police report, medical records, treatment bills, income loss information, and copies of all email correspondence with the insurance provider. You have nothing to lose because most personal injury claim lawyers do not charge anything for the initial consultation.

Also, if a lawyer wants to charge you just for the initial consultation, you should look for other attorneys. Besides, be sure to look for an accident law firm well experienced in handling cases similar to yours.

When To Contact A Lawyer Following A Car Accident In Florida?

The statute of limitations for car accidents in Florida is four years from the date of the automobile collision. Be sure to give yourself a lot of time to file a car accident claim, even if you think your case will get a resolution through the insurance claim process.

If the deadline is approaching, contact one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at the earliest to talk about your legal options. Failing to file your claim within the deadline can result in the court refusing to consider your case.

Hiring An Attorney Vs. Handling Your Accident Claim Yourself

If you experience drastic injuries in a car accident, you might be contemplating the idea of whether to hire an expert attorney or represent yourself in an injury claim. Here are some of the fundamental differences between the two to help you make an informed decision:

Working With An Injury Law Attorney

Having legal counsel to represent you can benefit you in several ways. An attorney can communicate with the other driver's insurer, obtain the necessary evidence, organize medical records and bills, and liaise with your health care provider to obtain missing records. Besides, they can collect and present the evidence to prove liability and damages in your accident case and negotiate with lien holders on your behalf.

Representing Yourself In A Claim:

You can represent yourself in an injury claim if your injuries are not severe or have the time and legal acumen to gather evidence and handle the settlement negotiations. While you can handle a car accident claim yourself, it may not always lead to the best outcome. There is no substitute for a skilled attorney's help.

Get in touch with us at 1-813-223-6200 to discuss your case with the top-rated Clearwater auto accident lawyer, Trevor Wade. Winters & Yonker has made it possible for numerous injury victims to lead a healthy and fulfilling life after a devastating car accident by recovering the maximum compensation for their losses and injuries. Do not let the people who wronged you get away. Call us now!

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