Getting A Divorce In Ontario

Getting A Divorce In Ontario

Are you considering getting a divorce in Ontario? Positive Solutions is a leading mediation services provider with a skilled team of coordinators. We simplify the separation process for couples by assisting them with the decision-making process, providing them with a separation agreement, and saving their time and money.

How can I get a divorce in Ontario?

The divorce laws and procedures are the same in Ontario as in all parts of Canada. You should be legally married in Canada or any other country in the world, for starters. Secondly, you must have a clear intention to permanently separate from your spouse. Lastly, you do not see any possibility for you to reunite with your spouse in the future.

You can apply for your divorce in Ontario only if you or your spouse have lived in the city for a year at minimum preceding your application. If you are not married but in a relationship with your partner and wish to ends things, you can negotiate a "separation agreement" with the help of mediators who can help you settle on matters like child custody, access, support, and other issues, according to the Ontario laws.

How much does it cost to get a divorce in Ontario?

The court fee alone is $632 to get a divorce in Ontario, and then you must pay the first installment of $212 when applying. You will pay the remainder of $420 after the court has reviewed your divorce.

Individuals who cannot pay the court fee may qualify for a fee waiver. However, hiring an attorney, settling on issues like alimony, child support, equalization of assets, etc., can cost you a lot more than you expect. We help couples with the separation process outside of court and save them thousands of dollars in addition to relieving them from the stress associated with the divorce process.

How do I apply for a divorce by myself?

You may begin the divorce process by filling out the divorce application and submitting it at an Ontario courthouse. You must pay the initial court fee at the time of submitting, which is $212.

Make sure to learn about the court rules and procedures before carrying out the divorce process yourself. Divorce entails an array of costs, and it is pivotal that you are prepared to meet those costs at every stage of the litigation. Seeking help from a mediation service provider for divorce and separation can save a lot of stress and help you save costs with the legal processes.

Who are mediators, what can they do for me?

Mediators offer mediation services, which are ways of resolving family disputes outside of court. Mediators are usually social workers, lawyers, psychologists, etc., and they help spouses reach an agreement on matters like support payments, equalization of property, child custody, and other family-related issues.

If you are getting a divorce in Ontario, call (888) 779 - 8777 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our mediation coordinators. Positive Solutions is a preeminent mediation services provider with a team of experienced and compassionate coordinators who can help you reach an agreement with your partner on matters like parenting plans, spousal and child support calculations, separation agreements, and equalization of property.

Getting A Divorce In Ontario
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Getting A Divorce In Ontario
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