fbpx Lakeland Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Lakeland Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Lakeland Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Anthony LoGalbo, at Winters & Yonker, is one of the top attorneys in Florida specializing in personal injury, automobile accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, and premises liability. Anthony is a leading Lakeland motorcycle accident attorney with impeccable negotiation skills and several years of experience helping car accident victims find justice and achieve rightful compensation from negligent parties.

Who's At Fault In A Motorcycle Accident?

The principle of negligence determines the negligent party in a motorcycle accident. When a person acts reckless, irresponsible, or thoughtlessly and causes injury to another person, they are at fault for the accidents or motorcycle collision. The law requires all drivers to use care to avoid injury to others on the road, including passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists.

In most motorcycle accidents, the driver of another truck or car is often the negligent party. Nonetheless, the motorcycle rider may also be the negligent party. Speak to our experienced personal injury attorneys to determine the negligent party in your accident case.

How Do I Prove Negligence After A Motorcycle Collision?

Thorough knowledge of the injury law is pivotal to proving fault in an accident case. Hiring an experienced lawyer to handle your injury claim can improve your odds of receiving a favorable case outcome. If you choose to fight your own legal battles, you need to know the four elements of a negligence claim. As a plaintiff, you must show that:

  1. The law requires every driver to be reasonably careful and motorists to exercise care when riding or driving.
  2. The defendant failed to be careful and did not act reasonably.
  3. The defendant's reckless conduct caused your injuries and losses.
  4. You suffered injuries or losses or both.

If you do not get hurt or cannot prove damages, you may not be able to recover anything from the at-fault party even if they acted carelessly or recklessly. Consult an accident law firm to determine if you have a personal injury claim.

What If My Motorcycle Is The Only Vehicle Involved In An Accident?

If your motorcycle is the only vehicle involved in a car crash, you must file your claim against the motorcycle operator. You must prove two things to win the case. Firstly, you must prove who was at fault for the motorcycle accident. Secondly, you must show how badly you got injured due to the accident to claim reasonable damages for your losses.

Motorcycle accidents occur for two primary reasons: a motorcyclist crashes or hits something negligently, or the vehicle hits something because of a mechanical defect. Meet with an attorney to determine the exact cause of the motorcycle accident and determine the at-fault party. If you are going against a motorcycle manufacturer, it is pivotal you hire one of the most skilled and experienced attorneys to level the playing fields. 

Call us at 813-223-6200 to book a consultation with the best Lakeland motorcycle accident attorney, Anthony LoGalbo. Winters & Yonker is one of the pioneer accident law firms with brilliant and highly successful attorneys and an unmatched track record. 

Lakeland Motorcycle Accident Attorney
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