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Slip And Fall Lawyer Tampa

Slip And Fall Lawyer Tampa

Accidents in buildings happen when the space is not maintained correctly and includes more than one potential danger, sustaining severe fractures or, even worse, death. Often, victims of slip and fall accidents can prove that their injuries are due to negligence on the building’s owner and stand to gain millions of dollars if they experience intense injuries.

Despite this, many do not get back their perceived compensation value because they do not have evidence to support the claim. You should hire an attorney to represent you in slip and fall injuries because they know what to look for and how to argue the case in your favor. The following are some common examples of slip and fall accidents and their causes, so you know what kind of situations our injury attorneys represent in court.

Common Slip And Fall Injuries

Broken Bones

Slip and fall accidents will quickly result in broken bones if the accident is too severe. You must not hesitate to get legal help if you experience broken shoulders, rib cage, arms, legs.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord has a lot of different bones and can experience debilitating complications that lead to partial or complete paralysis. Most legal systems classify injuries to the spine as extreme, so be sure to work with an attorney ready to prove your case to the court and fight for you to get total compensation for your medical bills and more.

Brain Injury

Concussions almost always cause brain injury and will have symptoms like headaches, fogginess, confusion, and more. A traumatic brain injury will show up in scans as a fracture to the skull, hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, and more.


Falling on tools, broken glass, and other dangerous objects can lead to severe cuts that cut deep into the skin. These cuts tend to have ranging levels of pain and severity, so be sure to get medical help first and then speak with Winters and Yonker’s legal team for more assistance.

Most Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Injuries

Unstable Grounds

Wet floors are the most rampant cause of slip and fall accidents. You may be subject to compensation if the building’s owner does not inform visitors of the wet paint, leaks from the ceiling, and other issues that can cause the slipperiness.

Other causes of unstable ground are loose gravels, broken concrete and potholes, and unexpected steps. About everyone who does not see these obstructions will get into an accident, so you want to ensure proper legal representation by a slip and fall lawyer in Tampa to determine the best course of action.

Defective Railings

Most staircases have railings, but the worst are ones with loose stair treads, broken stairs, bumpy ramps, and other defects. The severity of the accident will depend on the state of the stairway, so you want to make sure you have the law on your side to prove that it was not your fault.

The above is not even close to the exhaustive list of causes of slip and fall accidents. Our accident law firm is ready to assist you with more details when you get in touch; reach out here to schedule a no-obligation consultation session for personal injury claims on slip and fall accidents or car accident victims.

Slip And Fall Lawyer Tampa
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