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St Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer

St Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer

Winters & Yonker is the #1 law firm with the best panel of personal injury lawyers and a high success rate. Working with our St. Petersburg car accident lawyer, Christopher M Smith, can help you overcome unnecessary stress and anxiety and provide you the mental peace to focus on recovery.

Can My Actions Affect The Damages I Receive?

Yes. Florida is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that, if you share fault for a car accident, you will not receive the damages in full.

The court will cut your damages to your fault's extent before awarding you the compensation. The Judge and jury may use their experience and good sense to determine the percentage of fault shared by car accident victims and the negligent party.

How To Determine Legal Liability?

Whoever is responsible for the accident become the negligent party and must pay for the damages suffered by the other party. The rule of carelessness determines the legal liability for all accident cases.

Meet with one of our personal injury attorneys to help you learn the negligent party in your accident case. You need appropriate evidence to prove negligence in your personal injury claim, or you cannot recover compensation from the at-fault party.

Should I Choose To Settle My Personal Injury Claim?

Most injury law cases settle and never see the face of the court. Here are a few reasons why plaintiffs choose to settle:

  1. It Helps Avoid Uncertainty 

A personal injury lawsuit involves a lot of uncertainty, and you must always embrace yourself for surprises at any time. Even if you pass the discovery stage, the trial can take a turn for the worst at any stage. For starters, your witnesses can buckle, they can choose not to show up, a judge can make a wrong evidentiary ruling, etc. Not to mention, an appeal can cost you thousands of dollars, and you will have to wait for several years to recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

  1. Saving Money 

A personal injury lawsuit is expensive, especially if your case requires expert witnesses. They charge you for report preparations, traveling, testifying, etc., which can all add up to a significant amount. Complex personal injury lawsuits may require the inputs of several expert witnesses. And there is always the accident law firm fee which can consist of several hundred more if your case goes to trial.

  1. Saving Time

Filing a personal injury complaint in court to the day you get a verdict can take over a year or several years. Even if you win at trial, you'll still be waiting several months before you receive compensation for your injuries. If you don't win at trial, you will have to appeal, which takes another couple of years.

Schedule a consultation with Christopher M Smith. Reach us at 813-223-6200 to talk to #1 St Petersburg car accident lawyer. Winters & Yonker is a top-rated attorney firm for injury claims, and we have bagged million-dollar settlements for our clients with our unsurpassed negotiation skills and trial experience. Let us help you recover the compensation you deserve.

St Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer
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