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Tampa Accident Lawyer

Tampa Accident Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys, at Winters & Yonker, possess the experience and knowledge to go toe to toe with the at-fault party's attorney and their insurance carriers. Hiring our  Tampa accident lawyer will provide the following benefits:

Guides You In The Process

It is unreasonable to expect you to possess complete knowledge of the claims process and the Florida laws. Hiring an attorney can help you learn about your legal rights and the different ways of handling your claim. You can receive professional guidance on what to expect in your litigation process.

Intimidates The Defendant’s Insurance Company

Most insurance adjusters do not take claimants without legal representation seriously. They will play all kinds of tricks, trying to make you cave in. Insurance companies will play fair when you have an accident law firm to support and represent you. They understand how serious you are and offer a legit and reasonable settlement offer. Also, they do not want you to take your case to court and always want car accident victims to settle the matter as soon as possible. An attorney will handle the tricks played by an insurance adjuster and advocate for your rights and interests.

Represents You In Court

While most cases settle, a few claims go to court. Representing yourself in the court before a judge and jury are more complex than you think. You need a trial lawyer to represent you if you wish to recover the maximum compensation from the negligent party. Working with an attorney gives you the option to take your case to court if the insurance adjuster is unreasonable with the settlement offer.

Assistance With The Paperwork

Filing a personal injury claim involves a mound of paperwork that you must go through each, fill out, and submit to court before the deadline. Sorting out the paperwork is no job for an amateur without prior legal experience. Hiring an injury law firm can provide you assistance with filing the paperwork and reduce your burden significantly.

Time To Recuperate

Recovering from an accident physically and mentally requires time, plenty of rest, and the best of medical care. You need to give your mind, body, and soul the time to recuperate after an accident. While you're busy doing that, your attorney will work on your behalf and build a strong case, prove negligence, correspond with the insurance adjuster, and get you the maximum compensation possible.

Gathering Evidence 

You need to gather evidence to prove negligence in your injury claim. You may have the resources or the right team of people to investigate your case or gather valuable evidence to prove fault. Personal injury attorneys have their team of injury attorneys gather evidence, investigate the case details, interview witnesses, etc., and will build an unbeatable case on your behalf.

Call us at 813-223-6200 to talk to our Tampa accident lawyer in a one-on-one session. Winters & Yonker is a top-rated law firm and has delivered several million-dollar settlements to those injured and car accident victims. Entrust your legal battles to us for the best case outcome in your injury claim.

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