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Tampa Accident Lawyers

Tampa Accident Lawyers

Choosing to represent yourself in an injury claim in Florida can cause you to end up with a low settlement offer from the insurance carrier. Winters & Yonker levels the playing field by representing car accident victims in their injury claims, which tends to intimidate insurance companies. Our Tampa accident lawyers possess exceptional negotiation skills and analytical capabilities to take down your at-fault party and provide you with the best outcome in your case. Here are some of the top reasons to choose us for your personal injury claim:

  1. We Are Experts At Our Job 

We possess several decades of experience in helping car accident victims and injured people. Our attorneys are experts at educating clients on what to say and not to say, deciding when to take a case to court, and negotiating the maximum compensation from the insurance adjusters. We have delivered numerous million-dollar settlements to our clients. Our expertise in personal injury law makes us the best accident law firm in Florida.

  1. ExperiencedWith The Personal Injury Laws In Florida

We know the traffic laws, personal injury norms, and the workings of the court systems in Florida. We also have a specialized team of private investigators, medical professionals, and paralegals to gather evidence and offer expert witnesses. We take care of all the legal aspects of their accident and work dedicatedly to deliver the maximum compensation in their injury claim.

  1. Personal Injury Attorneys With Strong Trial Experience

Our leading attorneys possess several years of trial experience and have excellent contacts with Florida judges. We can help you receive a favorable verdict with our unsurpassed legal representation if your case goes to trial. Our presence will also intimidate the insurance adjusters causing them to take you and your case more seriously.

  1. We Know How To Counteract The Worst Defense Tactics

Not only do insurance carriers place their most skilled attorneys to combat serious injury claims. As one of the top-rated injury law firms, we rely on a variety of tactics and employ our most talented attorneys to handle each of our client's cases. Our firm specializes in advocating for injury victims in court. Our extensive experience with combating the common tactics played by insurance agencies allows us to deliver a hefty settlement or award for our clients.

  1. Gathering The Most Valuable Evidence 

We know what kind of evidence your case needs to prove the other driver's fault, and we work day and night to gather it. We want our clients to attain a safe and speedy recovery and not worry about their legal battles. Our personal injury attorneys focus on building a solid case backed by valuable evidence while our clients recuperate.

Contact us at 813-223-6200 to book a consultation with one of our Tampa accident lawyers. Winters & Yonker is a top-rated attorney firm for car accidents and injury claims with an unsurpassed track record. If you face injuries in a car accident due to the fault of another driver, get in touch with us to learn about your legal options. The sooner you begin on your claim, the more the odds of recovering a reasonable compensation for your losses. 

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