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Tampa Dog Bite Lawyer

Tampa Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs can bring so much joy not to mention fulfillment. However, they're still animals that can bite. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that over 4 million Americans, a lot of them kids, fall victims of dog bites annually. A dog attack can cause severe injuries, emotional trauma, or even death.

Have you been the victim of a dog bite? Our Tampa dog bite lawyer can ensure you understand your rights. At Winters & Yonker, our animal attack attorneys have seen firsthand the emotional and physical damage suffered by our clients due to dog owner’s negligence. That’s why we’re aggressive and relentless when it comes to dealing with dog bite cases.

Reasons Why Dogs Attack

There are different reasons why dogs can attack:


When dogs feel trapped in an unpleasant or uncomfortable situation, they might attack out of frustration.


A lot of aggression from dogs comes from fear. If a dog is afraid of a stranger getting into their space or close to them, it can feel overwhelmed and react by biting.


If a dog has something they love, like food or toys, and they’re not willing to share, they can bite out of fear that what they value might be taken away. No matter the breed, some dogs have stronger guarding behaviors and can attack if they feel a person is trespassing.

Predatory Aggression

Dogs also have predatory instincts, but these instincts are stronger in some breeds than others. This means dogs have an urge to chase and take down their prey. Predatory instinct can be triggered by other animals, a passing vehicle, a child running, or someone jogging or cycling. If a dog runs at you and you try to outrun it, or it approaches you, and you maintain direct eye contact, it's likely to attack.

Dog owners have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to make sure their pets don't bite anyone. This might include keeping the animals on a leash, indoors, or penned. In case a dog has attacked you, you can hold the owner accountable for the attack or biting and receive compensation.

Why You Need To Hire A Top Dog Bite Attorney

Sometimes, a dog attack can result in a minor injury. If the owner is ready to pay the medical expenses and you wish to settle it amongst yourselves, a dog bite lawyer might not be necessary. On the other hand, if you sustained severe injuries and trauma, it’s essential to consult an experienced dog bite attorney without delay. Depending on your case, the compensation you’re owed may include punitive damages.

Additionally, dog bite laws in Tampa can be confusing. What's considered the actual nature of your situation, the extent of injury, and a provocation can be challenged by the dog owner to avoid responsibility. A top-rated dog attack attorney can help prove the dog owner is liable and fight to get you a fair settlement.

Second To None Dog Bite Lawyers

At Winters & Yonker, we're highly experienced Tampa dog bite lawyers, and we're passionate about helping clients who've suffered from vicious dog attacks. You can be confident that we won't stop working on your claim until we get what's owed to you. Call us and request a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer: 1-813-223-6200.

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