fbpx Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Tampa is home to many motorcyclists because of the adventure that comes with riding in the sunshine state. But being on the road also comes with its dangers. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), Florida records over 200,000 accidents yearly. That makes for an average of 500 accidents occurring daily. 

Riding a motorcycle makes you more prone to severe injuries in the case of an accident. It's pretty obvious why. Car passengers have the car bodywork alongside their seatbelts and airbags to protect them. All motorcycle riders have is their gear, e.g. helmets and gloves, to protect them. 

What to Do in the Case of a Motorcycle Accident

  • It is best to document right at the point of an accident if you are involved in one. But first,  move out of the road and ensure that you and other road users are safe. If you can, move your vehicle out of the road as well. Then, check if you or any other accident victims have injuries. If anyone does, call an ambulance or dial 911.
  • Next, take pictures of the scene, then engage the accident victims and witnesses. Record their account of the event and take down their details - their names, plate number and contact info. This helps with your personal injury claim if you file for a case. 
  • Motorcycle accidents can be fatal. So, we understand that your injuries might hinder you from enquiring at the scene. Even if you're without a scratch, don't assume you're okay. Sometimes, these injuries, if internal, are not discovered until days or weeks later. Go to a medical practitioner and get tested promptly. You need a professional personal injury lawyer speaking for you to ensure adequate compensation. 
  • It would be best if you spoke to a reputable lawyer before you engaged your insurance company. It is essential to do this immediately after the incident, as some insurance companies have a time frame for filing a claim. We at Winters & Yonker have the best motorcycle accident lawyers in the city of Tampa.

Why You Need a Good Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident is likely to leave you in the hospital for days withholding the ability to go to your job and earn money. You also have to cover medical bills and repair whatever damage your motorcycle has incurred. There's the pain that you have to endure till you heal and the disability that you could have to live with. 

A good accident lawyer fights your case while you focus on your recovery. They answer all your questions and keep you in the know. Most importantly, they ensure that you get what you deserve as compensation. And this is what we offer you at Winkers & Yonker.

We are an accident law firm in Florida that has the best Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers to fight your injury law case. We offer our services free; we only get paid when we win your case. Call us today, and request a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
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