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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

The thought of being on a sickbed and still trying to stake a claim on your right can be one of the most difficult tasks in human history, where is the strength and the agility to push forward? how can one gather themselves physically and emotionally to be able to withstand such strenuous endeavor without breaking down, further adding to the indisposed state.

Vulnerability is one feature the acclaimed "Top guys" feed on especially at the expense of the defenseless and those that cannot speak for themselves, but that is where we at Winters and Yonker come into place. 

What We Do

Personal injury lawyers in Tampa are charged with the responsibility of protecting, asserting and upholding your claim, helping you through the rigorous process of legal operation. Our lawyers have a deep working knowledge of the injury law in Tampa, and how it can be navigated to solve your problems, helping you measure the economic and non-economic extent of the damages and how to maximize your claims for reimbursement.

Our services cut across the length and breadth of Tampa, Clearwater, Lakeland, New Port Richey and St Petersburg giving hope to car accident victims, and discharging exceptional duties for personal injury claims for all our clients.

Services We Render

We recognize the broad spectrum that victimization entails, hence, our multifaceted abilities will be on hand to tackle diverse problems.

Here is a list of the services we render:

  • Personal injuries

These are injuries sustained through car wrecks or accidents that occur at locations like slip and fall accidents or workplace accidents.

Our team of expert attorneys are competent enough to determine whether these events are a result of others' carelessness or deliberate attempts, putting papers together to get your deserved compensation.

  • Motor Accidents

This is a rampant accident that can range from rear-end accidents, accidents caused by speeding, wrong-way accidents.

Once any of these occur and can be proved that its occurrence happened as a result of others' carelessness, a claim is filed to the other driver's insurance company to get you your compensation.

  • Pedestrian Accidents

This is another common occurrence and we take this seriously because it mostly happens when drivers, probably under the influence of alcohol swerve away from their lanes into walkways partitioned for pedestrians. More often than not, life-threatening injuries are sustained and we take this seriously to go the extra mile in getting the compensation our victimized clients deserve.

  • Accidents Caused by Truck

Trucks are a major source of accidents on the road because of the heavy loads they carry, and some of the drivers that drive them can be careless while driving.

If you are a victim of accidents caused by these trucks, we have a team adequately prepared to walk you through the process of filing your claims and getting you your compensation.

Not again should anyone be cheated of their rights or denied of their compensation, we recognize the hurt caused by injuries whether chronic or acute, and we aim to prevent further hurt by acting as our client representative, working aggressively to defend the rights and privileges of our clients.

If you have suffered a personal injury fill out our contact form or call us today to speak with one of our experienced injury attorneys.

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney
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