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Tampa Slip And Fall Attorney

Tampa Slip And Fall Attorney

Accidents, whether it occurs on a small or large scale is one that no one hopes for, but in truth, is an occurrence that one cannot be overly prepared for as there is no set time frame for them. The best one can do is contact a professional and experienced accident law firm that has the interest of their clients at heart.

At Winters and Yonkers, our Slip and Fall attorneys in and around Tampa, recognize the need for an accurate and effective representation of our clients, putting into use years of renewed expertise to reach a point of compensation for clients.

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

These are accidents that can occur both indoors and outdoor, caused majorly by others carelessness and reckless actions, they can arise from diverse situations like - Uneven flooring, wet or slippery surfaces, exposed cables with electricity, plumbing defects or leaks, failure to mount public warnings or signs about known hazards.

All these can lead to fatal injuries to unsuspecting individuals and has been seen to cause several serious conditions from broken bones, back injuries to more fatal situations like brain injuries and death to the more prone individuals like the elderly ones in the society.

What we do

Our personal injury attorneys aggressively engage any case brought forward and discharge their duty without preference, leveling the playing ground especially when the fight is between our clients and big companies or corporations. There are some factors to consider while the operation is being carried out and one of particular interest is the premises liability law.

What is Premises Liability Law?

This law refers to the legal concept that a property owner is responsible for any mishap caused by his or her property especially when they are unsafe to the general populace. Although, there is a need for proper examination to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident if it was self-made, in the sense that the defendant deliberately ignored whatever warning sign or caused by the carelessness of the property owner.

If it can be sufficiently proved that the blame lies on the property owner, then they are mandated to bear the brunt like paying for the medical bills or paying for settlement.

Other Services We Render

Here are a number of our practice area

  • Car Accident lawyers to attend to car accident victims 
  • Truck Accident Lawyers to defend victims whose cars have been damaged by careless truck drivers.
  • Motorcycle Accident lawyers that agitate for victims of motorcycle accidents, fighting for their personal injury claim.
  • Innocent pedestrian accident lawyers who attend to victims of drunk driving, texting while driving to drive their settlement and make drivers pay for their sheer carelessness.

Whether your battle is against big organisations or insurance companies intending to arrive at a settlement or charge to court, our slip and fall lawyers are prepared to fight for your cause and enlist you as part of the thousands we've successfully raked in their deserved funds for.

we are available via phone calls and video conferencing, our contact form can be filled to point you to one of our experienced injury attorneys.

Tampa Slip And Fall Attorney
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