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Tampa Wrongful Death Attorney

Tampa Wrongful Death Attorney

A wrongful death lawsuit seeks justice for a victim whose death resulted from negligence, carelessness, or intentional violence. 

When is a wrongful death permissible in law?

For the lawsuit to be acceptable, the cause of death should be the injury. If the victim dies from causes unrelated to the personal injury but execrated by it, the case is still admissible. You can pursue it through an accident law firm. 

Is an unborn child considered in wrongful death?

Different states have their directions on the parties included in this lawsuit. Most of them, however, require a person to have been born. Therefore, an unborn child's death is not actionable.

Is wrongful death included in criminal cases?

For the sake of justice, the law pursues criminal charges on a person accused of intentionally causing death. This criminal case is separate from a wrongful death case, which is civil. Civil cases seek to settle individual or company disputes over rights owed to each other. In criminal cases, the penalty is imprisonment. In civil cases, it is monetary, which a wrongful death claim pursues.

Where does wrongful death action apply?

Wrongful death applies in all cases where a death is due to negligence. Murder, medical malpractice, and automobile accidents form the bulk cases. 

Are state laws guiding wrongful death consistent across the U.S?

Different states might have some ordinances unique in their injury law. The statutes of limitation in Tampa are different from those outside Florida. Your attorney will help you understand what damages to pursue and the timeframe to do so.

What are the damages in wrongful death?

Your state laws offer guidance on what damages are permissible. Depending on your desired outcome, you can seek compensation for medical costs, funeral and burial costs, loss of the deceased's income, and inheritance. Car accident victims might choose to include asset loss.

Who files the lawsuit?

A plaintiff offers a representation of the estate of the deceased. This person must have been close to the victim in life. Most plaintiffs are spouses, children, or siblings. Personal injury attorneys guide on the most suitable plaintiff to ensure the case stands in court.

When should you file the lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in Tampa recommends a maximum two-year filing period. A personal injury claim has more chances of success when promptly filed, as the process of collecting evidence is more straightforward.

Is the death of a child or older person actionable in the lawsuit?

You can claim the death of a young child or an older person. However, the maximum compensation amounts awardable for these parties are notably smaller.

Is wrongful death applicable if the victim was jobless?

The court does not primarily consider employment status during proceedings. The victim might have been offering little financial support, but they had guidance, service, and nurturing roles, and these contributions are quantifiable and feasible for compensation.

Do you require a specialized wrongful death attorney?

While some law firms specialize in this niche, personal injury attorneys are fully capable of offering assistance. Winters & Yonker offers excellent representation in wrongful death lawsuits in Tampa, Clearwater, Lakeland, New Port Richey, St. Petersburg. Please call us today at 1-813-223-6200 or email info@wintersandyonker.com to schedule a consultation.

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