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Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident in the state of Florida? If you were injured, and you are not able to return to work it is likely time to get legal representation. Our Zephyrhills motorcycle accident attorneys specialize in personal injury law. we are able to gather information on your case, present this before a court, and potentially obtain a sizable settlement for you. If this is of interest to you, you should consider contacting the Winters and Yonker law firm to schedule a free case review. Call (888) 373-7770 today to file your claim with our personal injury lawyers.

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How Will A Zephyrhills Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help People Achieve A Settlement?

Settlements that are obtained by personal injury attorneys can be achieved if they are brought onto the case fairly fast. Even if your accident was weeks ago, you can pursue a compensation claim if you are working with the right law firm. They are able to help by initially providing legal advice based upon their years of experience and training. They can give you a rough estimate as to how much money you can expect to receive based upon the incident that caused her injuries.

The goal of any attorney is to provide the best representation, and this will often involve discovery, allowing them to gather information and speak with witnesses. However, the end result of their efforts is often determined by what actually caused the motorcycle accident.

Common Causes For Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle attorneys are involved with a plethora of different cases. Some of them are very obvious in regard to who was at fault, whereas others will require a substantial amount of work to build the case. The causes, however, often repeat themselves. It can be due to distracted driving, drunk driving, or people that were driving under the influence of some type of drug. It can also be a physical problem such as faulty mirrors on a vehicle, bad lighting, or their brakes may not have been functioning properly.

More times than not there is a distraction that leads to the accident which could be glare from the windshield door and unexpected pedestrian suddenly appearing on the road. Regardless of what has caused the accident, if a motorcycle rider is not at fault, they can easily pursue this case in court in Zephyrhills, Florida.

What Are The Motorcycle-Specific Laws In Florida?

It is very important for every motorcycle rider to be aware of the laws that they must abide by. By understanding them, you can always be in compliance and therefore increase your ability to avoid accidents. In the state of Florida, they do have a motorcycle helmet law, which pertains to people that are 21 years of age or younger. They must wear a helmet when on a motorcycle at all times. However, the law also states that people older than 21 are also responsible for wearing a helmet if they do not have $10,000 in medical insurance that is required.

Wearing a headset while you are riding a motorcycle is not allowed, especially if it is not attached directly to your helmet. It is also necessary for motorcycle riders to have some type of eye protection. If the person involved in the motorcycle accident was abiding by all of these laws, this is helpful toward achieving some type of settlement in their favor.

Review your injury claim with our Zephyrhills motorcycle accident lawyers.

The Most Common Injuries A Motorcycle Rider Can Sustain

Starting with the most common injuries, and often involve some form of road rash on their body. When an accident occurs, depending upon the speed at which they were riding the motorcycle, it can either be minimal or extremely gruesome. Head and brain injuries can occur, even if they were using a motorcycle helmet

Spinal cord injuries, as well as broken bones, are also common with people that are involved in this type of accident. Essentially, people that are on motorcycles have nothing to protect them, which is why they can be so bad. The condition of the motorcycle rider, and their ability to follow the laws, will help their lawyers reach a favorable conclusion to the lawsuit once it is over.

State Negligence Rules Pertaining To Motorcycle Accidents In Zephyrhills

If any of the laws were broken by a motorcycle rider that was injured in an accident, they can only be deemed partially at fault for the accident itself. That is because Florida is what is referred to as a comparative negligence state. When trying to attribute blame to the people involved in an accident, it will be often divided up between those that were contributors to what has happened. Since no-fault insurance does not apply to anyone that is riding a motorcycle, this is very important to understand. Lawyers that represent cases for motorcycle riders in Zephyrhills will take this into account as they are presenting their case.

Compensation Possibilities For Motorcycle Accident Survivors

Three types of compensation may be determined in a court of law in Florida based upon these types of accidents. First of all, non-economic damages may result in some type of settlement for those that have experienced this. This is often defined in many ways. It could represent humiliation, emotional anguish, and the pain-and-suffering that they have endured. If their injuries are going to prevent them from enjoying activities that they have always done, the settlement may involve money to compensate for this loss in their life.

Economic damages are much easier to understand. These are financial losses, ones that you will certainly encounter if you are not able to go to work because of your injuries. There is also the matter of paying for hospital bills related to recovering from what has happened. Essentially, these are monetary losses that can be added quickly to the settlement amount.

Punitive damages are not awarded to the person that was injured. They are simply paid by the person that was negligent as ordered by the court. Distracted driving, and drunk driving, certainly fall into this category. All of this will be assessed, and ultimately decided upon, in a court of law.

Contact Winters & Yonker for Help With Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

It is so important to act quickly after you are involved in a motorcycle accident. You need to give the law firm you are retaining time to gather information. The more time that they have, the better their representation of what happened to you will be, and this is vitally important as they present this to the judge. The Zephyrhills personal injury law firm of Winters and Yonker is one that you should contact. They are known for their proficiency as personal injury lawyers. If you need a lawyer now, certainly consider contacting them today to schedule a free case review.

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