How Accidents Can Disrupt Your Life

Different Ways a Car Accident can Disrupt Your Life

A car accident is never a pleasant event. With it there come a lot of consequences and changes to your routine way of life. All of these can leave a major dent on not only your physical wellbeing but financial life too, among other things. To reduce the current and future impact of a car…

What If The Driver at Fault Dies

What to Do If the Driver at Fault Dies During the Car Accident

A car accident, no matter how small, is always an unfortunate event. After you gathered yourself, following the initial shock, a host of questions will be going on in your head. That will be in the best-case scenario, though. What happens if the other driver involved in the accident is at fault but the accident…

Taking A Look At Dangerous Roads | Tampa, FL

Tampa Car Accident Lawyer Looks at Dangerous Roads in Florida

Car accidents can happen on any road in Tampa, FL. However, while driving on some roads in Florida you need to exercise extra caution.  These roads continuously record a higher number of road accidents, making them dangerous to be on. The roads have earned Florida the reputation of having the most dangerous roads in the…

Danger Of Drowsy Driving Tampa, FL

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving in Tampa

Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Experts say 20% of fatal accidents in America are caused by drowsy driving. Despite a large number of drowsy driving accidents, it’s not given as much attention as DUI’s or distracted driving. A lot of drivers are not aware or simply ignore the…

Guilty Person In a Multi-Car Accident Tampa, FL

How is Fault Determined in a Multi-Car Accident in Tampa?

Multi-car accidents have become a regular occurrence on Tampa, FL roads. You have likely been stuck in traffic due to such an accident. As you drive by the accident scene, you wonder what caused the accident. In accidents involving several cars, proving who was at fault can be tough. It may not be immediately clear…

daycare accident report

My Child Got Hurt at Daycare: Filing a Daycare Accident Report

Nearly 1/4 of American children under the age of 5 attend a daycare, nursery, or preschool. Because most parents work outside of the home, they often have little choice but to entrust the care of their children to some form of organized care arrangement. But what happens when your child is injured while in the…

premises liability

Premises Liability: What Business Owners Need to Do to Keep You Safe

  When you’ve got a business to run, the last thing you want to think about is a lawsuit. But if you’re not thinking ahead, one of these lawsuits could seriously hurt your business. Take slip and fall accidents, which are just a small portion of premises liability. These accidents account for 1 million hospital…

hit by a car

Hit By a Car? 8 Tips From a Personal Injury Lawyer

Being involved in an accident where the fault is on the shoulders of another can have life-changing, traumatic effects. Just some of these include permanent injury and suffering the long-term effects of PTSD. Not to mention medical bills which can truly add up if you are seriously injured. In the event where you are hit…

Importance Of Car Accident Lawyer Tampa, FL

Do I Really Need a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer?

The answer to this question depends on how serious your car accident was. For a minor accident that caused property damage worth a few hundred dollars, you might not need a lawyer. However, if your accident resulted in injuries or major property damage you should talk to a Tampa car accident lawyer. To find out…

car accident injuries

Where Does it Hurt? Common Car Accident Injuries to Look For

  Have you been involved in a car accident? Have you incurred an injury as a result of this accident? If so, you might very well be able to file an injury claim. Car accident injuries come in a wide range of intensities. Whereas severe injuries are noticeable from the get-go, minor injuries are not.…

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