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After a car accident or other personal injury, your health and your future could be at risk. An accident is only the beginning of what could prove to be a lifelong struggle. At the Tampa law firm of Winters & Yonker, P.A., we work tirelessly to fight for and protect the rights of our clients. If you have been seriously injured in any kind of accident, the personal injury attorneys at Winters & Yonker will be there for you.

If your injury prohibits you from visiting us, a Winters and Yonker personal injury lawyer will come to you. We can meet you anywhere, on your schedule, including your home or in the hospital to discuss and build your personal injury case. Our goal is to make the process the least stressful for you as possible while maximizing the value of your settlement or judgment.

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Personal injury litigation can be time-consuming. At every turn, insurance companies and their lawyers will look for weaknesses in your case they can exploit. You need to work with a law firm you trust to act in your best interests, no one else’s.

Our experience has taught us the value of forming a close working relationship with our clients. When you work with us, you can be assured that you are working with an experienced & dedicated local injury attorney. Tampa residents have trusted us for 13 years to protect their rights and interests in personal injury cases. Know that you are protected with a relentless and aggressive Florida law firm.

Personal Injuries

Personal injuries make up a range of accident injuries. You may be involved in a car wreck, workplace accident, slip and fall accident, amusement park accident, product accident or even a swimming pool accident that injures you. When your injuries are the fault of another, you need legal assistance from a skillful personal injury attorney to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys can determine if your injuries were a result of negligence by another person or company. We can get you a settlement for your medical bills and lost wages. We will win your case and help you recover after your personal injury accident.

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are caused by a range of driver errors. Drivers may not be paying attention to the road. They may be speeding, driving recklessly, disobeying traffic laws, or even under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you are involved in a car accident that is not your fault, you do need the help of an auto accident attorney.

The car accident lawyers at Winters & Yonker P.A. can help you win your case. We can prove fault in a car accident and recover a settlement for your injuries and property damages. Let your car accident attorney fight for you and get you a settlement for your medical bills and lost wages.

No Fees Unless We Win!

What does it mean to have an aggressive lawyer on your side? To us, it means that our clients’ interests come first. Insurance companies and adjusters care only about paying as little as possible on your claim. They will gladly leave you out of work and facing insurmountable debt if it means more profit for them. At Winters & Yonker, we look after your best interest. We fearlessly take on the insurance companies to get you the money you deserve. We pursue every available source of compensation through time-proven expertise and tireless, aggressive advocacy.

Truck Accidents

Trucks on the road are a sign that the economy is moving. They help to get products and goods from one part of the country to another. These trucks can cause a dangerous accident based on their large loads that can create a deadly impact on you and your vehicle. When injured during a truck accident, it may be the fault of a truck driver.

There are a variety of reasons that truck drivers cause accidents from fatigue, speeding, failure to stop, or even distracted driving. A truck accident lawyer can take your case against a truck driver and fight a large trucking corporation for compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles give riders freedom on the road. However, motorcycles can be dangerous to a rider as there is less protection to keep you safe during an accident. You may have injuries from a motorcycle accident that was not your fault. Drivers have difficulty seeing motorcycles, or they may not pay attention to them. This can easily cause an accident that causes life-threatening injuries. You do have rights as a motorcycle rider.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Winters & Yonker P.A. can help. They will take your case and fight to win against a negligent driver. You do deserve compensation for your injuries, and your motorcycle accident lawyer can recover a settlement for your injuries and property damages.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death accidents are never easy. Losing a loved unexpectedly in an accident that was not their fault is devasting. Workplace accidents, car accidents, product accidents or other types of accidents can result in the death of your loved one. You do have rights as a family member to collect compensation on their behalf.

A wrongful death lawyer can take your case and negotiate a fair settlement that financially helps you to recover from the loss of your loved one. They will fight to win your case and help you move forward after an accident has taken the life of your family member.


Client Testimonials

"This law firm was awesome! Patrick Brennon really made my experience a great one at a really difficult time for me. His diligence and hard work really made me a happy Client. He always kept me updated and in the loop. He was always up top of my case and never steered me wrong. I would defiantly refer this firm to my close friends or family. They have my trust!"


"Marc and Bill are great to work with and the entire team is full of dedicated professionals. The firm truly cares about the community it serves. There are several times Marc and Bill have donated to a worthy cause or quietly provided support. They are great partners to have in the community."


"No one ever wants to be in the position of needing an attorney, but after a recent accident, I contacted Marc Yonkers. Mr. Yonkers was fantastic! He discussed my situation with me at great length, and put my mind at ease. He and his staff have been efficient and professional every step of the way. I have actually referred a few people to him, who were in similar situations, and they have all had the same experience. Knowing that you have found the right law firm has made our difficult situation so much easier."


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