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How Can You Protect Yourself By Using Dash Cams In Florida?

How Can You Protect Yourself By Using Dash Cams In Florida?

Dashboard mounted cameras, also known as dash cams, are growing more and more prevalent in vehicles. This is due to the footage dash cams capture and how they can provide supporting evidence in car accidents. Dash Cams In Florida have proven to be an effective tool in car crash cases both in court and with insurance companies. 

Can a Dash Cam Help You Following an Accident?

Yes, dash cam recorded videos can be used as evidence when investigating accidents and car accident cases. Dash cams are the evidence you need for your lawsuits and insurance claims. The videos dash cams record help in attaining exact information and details of the people involved through a recorded video.

The videos easily provide irrefutable evidence of who was at fault during an accident which is particularly beneficial because there will not be any need to rely on eyewitnesses. That is, provided your dash cam catches the accident or incident.

Also, the dash cam recordings might just as easily prove you may have been at fault. For example, if you ran a red light or rolled through a stop sign which is what caused your incident.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the dash cam might not record the entire situation due to the incident not occurring in front of the camera. For example, if you were sideswiped or rear ended. 

Are Dash Cams Admissible in Court?

Dashboard cameras are becoming more and more common, with some even being able to be controlled from a smartphone. This is a lot safer than having a driver manually record events with their phone.

This is because the driver can easily forget to stop recording, or they can be distracted by their phone. Dash cams can record events that aren’t immediately relevant to the court case.

They can record the events that led up to a collision or any conditions that led to a driver’s reaction. They also often have a wide angle lens, which makes them a better source for a court case.

Dash cameras can be a great tool for providing additional evidence in your Florida court case and dash cam videos are almost always admissible in court.

Specifically in personal or property damage cases. That is provided, the dash cam is not used to record private activity or recording on private property.

In addition, the dash cam video footage can be used in court provided it is authenticated and proven to be true footage meaning that the video recording is not doctored or edited. As always, it is up to the preceding judge to determine whether or not any dashboard camera footage can and will be allowed as evidence.

In the state of Florida, you may install your own dash cam. I is entirely legal to have it operating while you are driving. Provided the dash camera does not impact your ability to see your surroundings and still enables you to drive and operate your vehicle safely. 

It is important to understand the laws related to dash cams in Florida. Florida is a one-party state for audio recording, meaning you can record something with a dash cam and it is legal.

However, if you plan on recording with a dash cam and it is in a public place in Florida (i.e. a city street), you must inform others the recording is taking place with a verbal warning.

This verbal warning must also be recorded. You cannot record anything that is considered private, such as a phone call or a private conversation that takes place in the car.

Installing a dash cam is a great way to help substantiate a personal injury claim and prove liability in a civil lawsuit. Dash cams help you hold others accountable and protect yourself, your family and your assets. Protect yourself and your life with a dash camera.

Do Insurance Companies Accept Dash Cam Footage?

One of the most common questions people ask is if insurance companies take dash cam footage. This comes as insurance companies are beginning to accept dash cam footage. While this isn’t the case for every insurance company, it’s a good rule of thumb to have a dash cam.

As long as you don’t violate it, you can use the footage as a form of evidence to be used in a possible insurance scam or to tell your side of the story.

Some insurance companies will dispute liability and extent of both injuries and property damage. The dash cam footage will be your evidence to show the forcefulness of the impact.

This is vital when it comes to proving why the accident or collision caused injuries. Having the ability to provide your insurance company with actual footage of your incident can assist in proving your injury and accident claims. 

Check out this video where a dash cam proved it’s worth:

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