Busting Personal Injury Case Myths

Busting Personal Injury Case Myths

Personal injury cases can include anything from pet bites to car accidents, and it’s no wonder that they’re one of the more frequently taken cases. However, many people don’t quite understand how personal injury claims work and if it’s even worth pursuing a claim. To have your questions answered and a few common myths busted, read through these myths our Tampa personal injury lawyers frequently see.

Myth #1: Personal Injury Cases are a Cash Grab

This statement is so untrue that many people find themselves a little disappointed when their personal injury claim doesn’t evolve into a multi-million dollar case. The point of these claims is to get financial help for your medical bills, lost time at work, and your suffering. These lawsuits aren’t available to people so that anyone can sue a huge company and live for years without working.

This myth also feeds right into Myth #2, that these injuries are serious. If personal injury cases were just cash grabs, then you would see people jumping for joy outside the courthouse. The people that go through these cases often undergo a substantial amount of scrutiny when doing everyday tasks. In court, they may face questions about how they accomplish everyday household chores such as laundry or grocery shopping.

Personal injury cases are not about getting something for nothing. They are about resolving your outstanding medical debt and help you recover financially.

Myth #2: Most Cases Aren’t for Serious Injuries

It’s fair to say that the most popular cases for personal injury are severely trivialized. One outstanding example is the McDonalds coffee incident, which at first blush, seems like someone spilled some coffee. Then, she won hundreds of thousands of dollars which was many times over the initial settlement request. This case is the example that most people cite for frivolous personal injury cases; however, it couldn’t be further from frivolous.

Things like slip-and-fall injuries often lead to spine or nerve damage which can render a person immobile for life. The case above is proof that simple coffee spilling could result in third-degree burns which require skin grafts and surgery.

Not every case is against a major corporation such as McDonald’s, but most cases do involve serious injury. Disqualifying a dog bite, or a shortfall because of how the accident sounds make it more difficult for victims to have their injuries addressed in court. It makes people feel as if their injury isn’t court-worthy.

Myth #3: If You Don’t File Right Away You Won’t Get Anything

Every state has its own outline of the statute of limitations. There is a window for you to file and if you miss the deadline, then it’s not likely that you’ll receive any form of compensation. However, there are many different deadlines that apply in different scenarios. There are also different cases when an extension may come into effect.

If you were hurt in a car crash, and received medical care, but didn’t know you had an underlying or undiagnosed injury, you may receive an extension. It all comes down to the circumstances, when the accident happened and when you learned about the injury. Medical malpractice cases are notorious for having extension dates because the victim wasn’t made aware of the situation and thus, didn’t have the chance to take action.

Myth #4: Personal Injury Cases are for People Who Get Hurt Physically

Any Tampa, Florida personal injury attorney will tell you that much more goes into a personal injury case than just medical bills. Make sure that you look at the whole of your situation and not just whether you experienced physical harm. One primary example of personal injury, which involves no physical harm is slander or defamation.

Say, for example, that a scorned ex contacted your place of work and wrongly told your employer that you were stealing. Then you were fired. Afterward, they posted on your social media, told others throughout the community, and potential employers that you regularly stole from your employers. This is slander. It negatively impacts your reputation. In cases of slander or defamation, it’s possible to pursue a personal injury claim because you likely experience mental duress or financial harm.

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Too often, people live through their injuries believing that the medical bills and pain are just something to manage. That’s not true, and in many cases,  you have legal options to help you handle the financial burden that these events bring. Whenever you need help with an injury, contact the aggressive Tampa injury law firm of Winters & Yonker, P.A. for a consultation.

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