Common Causes and Effects of 18-Wheeler Accidents

An overturned trailer on the evening news is not an uncommon site. Large trucks like 18-wheelers are difficult to maneuver and require special training. Unfortunately, that training is too often ignored because of driver distraction and other problems. The same causes of passenger vehicle accidents also lead to 18-wheeler accidents, however, because of their massive size, the consequences are often much worse.

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Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

In the early 2000s, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration undertook an important study to help determine the causes of truck accidents. This report was published in 2016 and continues to have implications for driver training.

Of the findings, there were two common causes of 18-wheeler accidents that stand out because of their ubiquity: speeding and distraction.

Speeding, whether by the driver of an 18-wheeler or the driver of a passenger vehicle, can lead to poor decision making, tailgating, merging too closely, and more. Many accidents are caused when a slower vehicle attempts to merge in front of a vehicle that is speeding. Speeding also makes it difficult to calculate driving maneuvers like turns.

Distractions take a driver’s attention away from the road and slow their reaction time. Distraction can also lead to a vehicle drifting out of its lane. These two causes led to a multitude of issues, from failing to see the car or truck in front of them slow down to not having enough time to react to another driver’s maneuver.

18-Wheeler Accident Statistics

In 2014, the most recent year that large truck statistics are available for, there were a reported 438,000 large trucks involved in traffic accidents. Many of these accidents led to injuries and fatalities.

  • 111,000 people were injured in 2014 because of a large truck accident.
  • In 2014, 190 people were killed in Florida because of a traffic accident involving a large truck.
  • Florida is third in the nation for large truck accidents and resulting fatalities.
  • 8.3% of vehicles involved in fatal accidents are large trucks.
  • 25% of fatal large truck accidents happen at an interstate.

When a truck accident involves another vehicle, a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcyclists, the injuries of the other party are generally more severe than that of the truck drivers. In fact, most of the fatalities caused by a truck accident occur to the driver or occupants of the other vehicle.

Truck accident fatalities have decreased in recent years, however, more needs to be done to diminish the impact of these accidents.

Investigating an Accident with Expert Tampa 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

You cannot always count on an insurance company to run a fair investigation of your accident. When there’s an opportunity for an insurance company to help themselves, they tend to take it. Speaking with a Tampa 18-wheeler accident attorney who has the skills and the team to lead a thorough investigation into your accident can help you receive compensation for your injuries.

Accidents involving a large truck like an 18-wheeler can lead to severe injuries and even death. Dealing with the aftermath can be costly and heart wrenching. For individuals with injuries that require lifelong care, the costs can be burdensome. In addition, some injuries force victims to take unpaid time off work, leading to lost wages and more debt. Hiring a Tampa truck accident attorney to fight for the compensation you justly deserve can alleviate some of that burden and allow you to focus on your health and not your wallet.

If you’ve been injured in an 18-wheeler accident or because of the negligent or reckless driving of a truck driver, reach out to a Tampa truck accident attorney today.

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