Man Killed in an Overturned Septic Truck Crash in Orange County

Florida car accidents

A fifty-seven-year-old man from Orlando was killed in a crash in Orange County involving a septic truck that was overturned on State Road 528, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

According to the troopers the crash occurred around 3:10 p.m. in the westbound lanes at mile marker 26, past the Dallas toll plaza. The septic truck driver was ejected when the vehicle flipped over; the man died as a result of the impact. The police confirmed that no other vehicles were involved in the crash in Orange County. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the accident; so far they haven’t released the identity of the driver.

One-vehicle accidents can be quite dangerous. Losing control of the vehicle because of various reasons such as road hazard, icy or wet road, health condition, wrong medication, faulty vehicle parts, can be a reason for a lawsuit. The victim or their family (in case the victim dies) needs to hire a car accident lawyer who will do their investigation and determine what led to the crash.

Sometimes the driver isn’t the sole responsible for the crash; if they were driving a vehicle with faulty parts, were tried because of long hours driving (if they’re professional drivers), had wrong medication for their condition the driver or their family could file a lawsuit against the third party and seek compensation claim from them.

It’s important not to have legal help in such a case since not everyone knows how to deal with such cases. The insurance company will work hard to offer a lower compensation claim. Your attorney will negotiate until the offer is satisfying. In case you can’t settle the case, it will be taken to court. Call our office and let our team explain everything to you; Winters & Yonker is here to help you.

Source: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2021/06/09/1-killed-in-orange-county-crash-involving-overturned-septic-truck-on-sr-528-troopers-say/

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