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Even the smallest car accident may have consequences. In Elfers, FL, car accidents leave victims with pain, long-term accidents, and hospital bills. Insurance companies are slow to cover claims or they provide amounts that are much too tiny. If you were hurt and it was not your fault, you need to talk to our Elfers car accident lawyers.

Our legal team is here to assist you. We have helped accident victims in the vicinity of Elfers get the results they need and make the insurers pay. Nothing is charged by us to you if we do not win your cash. Let us provide you with a free consultation. Get in touch with at (888)373-7770 us or complete the form to the right to get your free consultation today.

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How do I Know Who is at Fault For a Car Accident?

Florida is a fault state, so determining which driver is at fault is a major portion of a crash claim. Under the legislation, their insurance provider or the driver is liable for all the costs of the crash. Determining fault is not easy, and not everyone may agree on what happened. At the accident scene, police will make an assessment of what caused the accident and who is at fault and this will be the basis of the insurer assessment. Insurers may send out their adjusters to form their own view of who is at fault and to collect extra information. The insurance company doesn’t necessarily have an incentive to come to the answer that is ideal.

Insurance companies’ main aim is to pay the smallest amount possible, and they understand if they could blame the sufferer they may not have to pay at all. This means it is unwise to deal with the insurance company. Never blame yourself. Dot apologize to anyone, even to be nice. These words may be used against you. Always call the police. Talk to potential witnesses and ask for their contact information. Stay calm. Allow the officers to know whether you suspect the driver to be intoxicated or if their attention was diverted, or they broke any laws.

How Much Money Can I Recover in a Car Accident Claim in Elfers?

Under Florida state legislation, there isn’t any hard limit to how much money you can recover. You’re supposed to recover the entire cost of the crash. There are two types of compensation named by the legislation you can get money for: particular damages, or even the costs of the accident. Including any actual expenses like car repairs. Additionally, it includes lost work time resulting from the accident.

General damages, or even the intangible expenses of the crash. This refers to psychological distress, pain, or even the loss of a loved one. Depending on these damages, insurance companies employ a formula to determine the dollar amount of the claim. They take the precise amount of the particular damages and multiply it with a number between 5 and 1, depending on how intense the overall damages are.
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We do not believe this cash can ever undo what happened, especially in accidents or instances where someone lost their life. But, our car accident lawyers in Elfers have seen how the money will help maintain the family’s financial stability after an accident and pay for the victim’s expenses. Oftentimes, the total can be thousands and thousands of dollars or even millions.

The Insurance Provider Offered Me Money, Should I Take it?

You should be careful. The cash may be worth taking. When an insurer offers cash, it is the quantity they believe they can get away with and it might be far less than your claim is worth. Often, even though they understand you might be eligible to more, insurers will hurry to offer an amount. There are several variables insurance companies do not include in their offer, like long-term expenses. The deal could be enough to pay for all your therapy up to now.

However, what if there are complications? Imagine if further therapy is required? Lost work time? You might have missed a day or 2 or you may have been out of work for weeks recovering. This time has to be included in your settlement. Pain and suffering? The courts award money for pain and discomfort related to your injury. However, it is rarely figured by insurers into their offer or they ignore it, unless they are pressured. Do not agree to be recorded when the insurance provider calls. You aren’t required to do so. And do not sign any paperwork until you have talked to a personal injury lawyer.

Is There a Deadline to File a Florida Car Accident Claim?

Yes. In Florida, the longest time you have to file an auto accident claim is two years from the date of this crash. There are many circumstances where this timeline is shortened, sometimes even down to a matter of weeks. And if you miss the deadline, you will not be able to collect any money in any way. This is why it’s important to speak to a lawyer straight away.

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