Can Insurance Companies Watch Victims?

Can an Insurance Companies Watch Victims?

The big question of whether insurance companies watch victims is clearly a concern for many. Unfortunately, the answer is typically “yes,” they do when it’s reasonable that the costs of surveillance may outweigh the costs of their payout.
Basically, if it comes down to an insurance company may have to make a huge payout, they will surveil the victim. It will be part of their costs that they hope to recover with a reduced or outright absent compensation settlement. If this happens to you, you may need a car accident lawyer.

Why Do Insurance Companies Watch Victims?

Each year insurance companies and fraud inspectors estimate that 13 to 17% of all claims result in excess payments for auto insurance claims. That’s not outright saying that there is fraud in nearly 20% of cases, simply that somewhere throughout the process, someone miscalculates or pushes for more compensation and gets it.
Insurance companies watch victims because they want to be sure that the victims are actually hurt. Imagine if someone comes in wearing a neck brace to work, but the second they get in their car, they take it off. If a scam artist was the one under surveillance here, then they would certainly face a few questions before they saw any compensation.

What to Do if Your Insurance Company is Watching You

If your insurance company has someone watching, then you need to be exceptionally cautious. Something such as taking out the trash or loading up your car can make your claim significantly reduce in value.
Always follow your doctor’s restrictions and advice. If your doctor advises that someone stop by to help with housework, then try to make that happen. Even if you have to pay for someone to do basic things like putting down your trash cans, you may be able to make up that expense in your claim.
Additionally, you want to stay off of social media. Posting anything about your claim can put it at risk. A crash victim may feel compelled to upload an image of them in the hospital, but it won’t do anything to help your claim. In fact, an insurance company could argue that it’s a sign you were building a case or making your injuries seem worse than they were for attention.
Finally, call 911 if you feel unsafe or if the investigator is clearly harassing you. If someone is trying to get into your home, then call the police. If you see someone is attaching a GPS tracker onto your vehicle, call the police. Law enforcement is often your only option when it comes to eliminating harassing surveillance crews.
Usually, these companies will not delve into harassment as they’re trying to be inconspicuous, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t do it on occasion. Never allow someone to explore your mail, enter your property, or tamper with your vehicle without contacting the police in response.

Why is it Such a Big Deal in Florida When Insurance Companies Watch Victims?

Florida requires that drivers have personal injury protection coverage through their insurance. Personal injury protection coverage means that your insurance company will likely be covering most of your injury damages. Insurance companies take great care not to spread themselves too thin, but with requirements like this, it means that they’re often paying out even when the driver had little to no fault in the crash.
Because of this system, many people believe that they can get into nearly any crash and immediately receive thousands of dollars in compensation for things such as whiplash, anxiety, or stress. All of which are real medical issues that are often associated with scams because of people trying to take advantage of the system.
If someone seems like they’re not honest, tell your attorney. Additionally, do your best to be as honest as possible with your auto accident attorney in Tampa.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa

If you were hurt in Tampa or in any type of car wreck, then you need the help of an experienced Tampa attorney. Accidents can leave many people injures. Then when insurance companies watch victims, it puts those people in a terrible position.
You do need to defend yourself, even when you have done nothing wrong. Insurance companies will often try to make victims feel as if they’ve done something wrong. Working with a Tampa, FL attorney can make it easier. The law offices of Winters & Yonker, P.A. are here to help the Tampa community. Contact Winters & Yonker, P.A. for a consultation.

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