Hidden Injuries to Look After a Car Accident in Tampa, FL

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Car accidents in the Tampa Bay area might have fallen in 2020 but they were still there nonetheless. Callous driving, inability to follow rules, or sometimes sheer bad luck may have resulted in a car accident in Tampa, FL.  While any car accident could be a very traumatic experience, apart from the shock, many other problems surface after the accident as well.

One could suffer from multiple hidden injuries after such unfortunate incidents. Therefore, it is important to be careful and ensure that no negligence is observed from any end. One of the primary concerns of people after an accident is to cover the medical expenses and claim insurances.

A car accident in Tampa, FL can be a difficult time for many people. Not just from a health perspective but a legal perspective as well.

Hidden Injuries That Can Result from A Car Accident in Tampa, FL:

Below are some of the hidden injuries that people could suffer from after an accident.

1. Knee Injury:

Your knees and back suffer the most due to the initial jerk. Knees particularly have sensitive joints. Therefore, the extent of damage could be much more. Knees can also hit the dashboard which could lead to tearing of the cartilage or muscle. These injuries are often not detected immediately and may emerge later on. This could be even riskier because lack of immediate treatment could create long term problems.

2. Damage to The Disc or Spine:

Spinal injuries are considered to be most dangerous because they often lead to paralysis. However, in minor cases, problems of the herniated disc could also arise. Herniated disc or tearing of the vertebral tissue could give you excruciating pain and might start much later after the accident. The recovery is slow and painful.

3. Pinched Nerves:

Nerve damage is very common after a car accident in Tampa, FL. There might be a feeling of numbness or tingling initially which one can easily ignore. However, you must take this symptom seriously and immediately contact a physician if you experience such a sensation because it is indicative of nerve rupture. The neck, shoulder, or back area could be affected in such a condition and long term physical therapy would be required to resume normalcy.

4. Nausea:

Sometimes the injuries may not be visible on the surface but may have caused internal damage. There can be no bleeding or visible scar but if you experience persistent nausea or abdominal pain then it could reflect a major internal problem. There could be a possibility of internal bleeding which could be life-threatening. Often doctors are unable to detect internal bleeding immediately because it might not be apparent in initial X-rays or CT scans. You should discuss your problem and pain points with your doctor thoroughly for them to have a better idea.

5. Headaches and Migraines:

Head, neck, and shoulder areas are the commonly affected parts of your body after a car accident. Some people may experience extreme headaches or migraines after the accident and this may be due to many reasons. However, if you experience continuous pain then it could lead to something much more serious and in such cases, a scan is recommended. Severe episodes of migraine could reflect towards a major internal injury which might be undetected in the initial check-up.

How A Good Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa Can Help You:

Once the problem has been correctly identified, the next biggest concern is the expense. A professional auto accident attorney in Tampa could help you solve the problem of medical expenses with ease.

In road accidents, one might have to visit the hospital multiple times, have to go through multiple tests, and experience extreme financial pressure. While you may have to endure the physical pain yourself, some of your financial burdens can be reduced if you hire a good accident attorney. He/she can guide you about the insurance coverage and legal aspects which can strengthen your case further.

Contact Our Auto Accident Lawyers in Florida:

People are too vulnerable after a major accident, they don’t have the energy to deal with all the problems at once and want someone who could offer them a helping hand. A good attorney could be a ray of hope for you in such a situation. He/she will not only build a strong case for you but would also fight on many ends.

If you or any of your loved ones have been involved in a car accident in Tampa, FL, feel to contact our Tampa accident lawyers. We will be sure to fight for your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

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