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Injuries happen every day in Land O Lakes. They happen many different ways from falls, car accidents, or defective products but all of these have two things in common. They’re usually caused by someone’s carelessness, and in all of them, the victim generally has a right to recover money. If you’ve been hurt, don’t miss out on your legal rights. You need to talk to one of our personal injury lawyers in Land O’ Lakes, FL. Winters & Yonker has dedicated its entire law practice to assisting those who have been hurt. For years we have been helping families and individuals through difficult times and helping them get the money and peace of mind that they need. Let’s give you a free consultation to answer questions. Get in touch with us at (888)373-7770 now and get your free consultation.

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What type of injuries are included in personal injury claims in Land O Lakes?

The most common types of personal injury cases we see are:

  • Slipping and falling
  • Being injured on the premises of a public place or a shop
  • Car accident claims
  • Defective products that cause an injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Injuries from attacks or offenses
  • Damage caused by improper maintenance at a nursing home or other facility
  • Dog bite accidents
  • Workplace injuries

There isn’t any single type of harm that is or is not qualified as you can see. Under the law near Land O’ Lakes, it depends on who caused the harm. If it was the fault of someone else, even unwittingly, then you probably have a claim and that individual is liable.

Who is considered liable for the injury?

It depends on exactly what happened. A person (or business ) can be liable even if they didn’t intend any harm. If their lack of activity caused your injuries then they are responsible. Irrespective of who is liable is improbable they will need to pay anything out of pocket because they usually have insurance. This could be car insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, property insurance, or some other kind of insurance. Whether someone is liable or not is based on carelessness or negligence. Or rather, it means we have a responsibility not to act in a means that could harm people and if we fail to live up to that obligation when we’re careless, we’re accountable.
Examples of neglect include: A homeowner has an old well in their own property but there’s not any fence around the well and there’s no locked cover. A company generates a toy for children. The toy is made from tough plastic, but in addition, it breaks easily into small pieces. They don’t place a minimum age or warn parents about the danger. As you can see, nobody set out to hurt anyone. However, each is an example of carelessness posing a danger. Then the person or business is responsible for the costs if a person got hurt because of that carelessness.

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An insurance company is saying it’s my fault. What do I do?

Ask yourself what is their motive? In some incidents, there’s disagreement about what happened and who’s at fault. This is because individuals wish to prevent blame and avoid paying any costs. Normally, you may face pushback form two sides. Either both or one of them may attempt to blame you. They are:
The person to blame. They may not understand the law. They may think they can’t be responsible if they didn’t mean to harm you. Or, they could even be lying to protect themselves. The insurance company. From paying as little in claims, the insurance company makes a profit. One way is to accuse the injured person of causing their harm. This tactic is used by them often when the sufferer doest have a lawyer. Should you not have a lawyer, the insurer understands that you don’t have an expert advising you on if you’ve got a case, and they attempt to convince you that you don’t. In the case that you’re facing hospital invoices or pain or if you can’t work, you need the money that the law guarantees you.
When you talk to a lawyer, they’ll place an investigator on the case to find out what happened. They’ll pull together evidence and facts to create an objective picture. They can offer a professional opinion on who is to blame and whether you’ve got a case to you.

Should I take the money offered by the insurance company?

Be careful with these offers because they generally come with paperwork to sign. Should you take the cash, you’re signing away your right to more money if it turns out you need additional treatment. Insurance companies make these quick offers when they believe the local courts would give you more. They’re attempting to save money. Almost by definition, if you take the offer you are likely losing money. Always talk to a lawyer before you sign or accept anything.

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